March Edness Begins March 2nd!

March Edness Begins March 2nd! title=
March Edness Begins March 2nd!
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By edhat staff

March is just around the corner, and for all of you dedicated edhat readers, you know what that means…. March Edness is almost here!

For those that are new to edhat, March Edness is a fun and highly competitive photo hunt game that questions how well you know your local area. Or just how well you remember details about your surroundings.

Every weekday in March (Monday through Friday), beginning on Monday, March 2nd, we’ll post a cropped photo on edhat at midnight. You then have until 8:00 pm that same day to guess the location in that photo. The first week we start off easy and then progressively increase the challenge through Week 4.

At the end of Week 4, the top three winners will be announced. Since this game is only for paid edhat subscribers, don’t forget to renew your membership to be eligible to play and win prizes.

Last year we celebrated our March Edness winners AND our 15th anniversary with a kick-ass party at Carr Winery. Stay tuned for more details on this year's March Edness party.

Below are the rules for the game in their entirety but email us at [email protected] with any questions.


1. All pictures taken, cropped, and displayed for March Edness are located and chosen by Ed and the dedicated staff of, without any help or suggestion from any member of the community, subscriber, contestant, politician, third-party locator, voice of a higher-beings, or any other powers that be.

2. One picture will be shown every weekday for twenty days, beginning on Monday, March 2, and ending on Friday, March 27.

3. All pictures will be located in Santa Barbara County

4. Only paid Edhat Community Members can play March Edness. Click here to check your status or purchase a membership.

5. Pictures will be placed on the Edhat website each weekday at midnight.

6. Entries must be received by 8:00 PM on the same day that they are first shown.

7. The number of points awarded for the correct identification of a picture increases each week.

Week 1 Photos: 1 point
Week 2 Photos: 2 points
Week 3 Photos: 3 points
Week 4 Photos: 4 points

8. Contestants are asked to be specific. Please add as much information as you can to prove you know the location in the photo. For example: “State Street in Santa Barbara” will not be awarded points.

9. All decisions as to whether or not a contestant receives points, how many points he or she receives, and whether or not he or she was specific enough are made by Ed and the dedicated staff - and they are final.

10. Friends & Family Rule: Good friends, married couples, brothers, sisters, and soul-mates, and all those who share information with each other are required to enter the March Edness Contest as one entity.

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