Local Wildfire Evacuation Routes?


The Thomas Fire started one year ago on December 4, 2017. Since then, sobering wildfire events have followed, particularly in Paradise, where people died while trying to evacuate, some in cars, some who were on foot.

If you were absolutely unable to evacuate, are you prepared for what you would do instead? Are there solid evacuation routes and alternatives for every area? I’m looking for solid ideas.


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  1. The California firefighters consider ‘fire season’ to be a year round event now. The Thomas Fire was burning around this time of year. We still haven’t had enough rain, and there are a lot of trees and brush that may not recover from the lengthy drought period, which will provide excellent fuel for future fires, unless they are somehow removed.

  2. No two fires are alike and different geographical locations with different topography and fuel types will not burn the same way. If you think a Paradise type fire can occur down here… well, conflate if you want to. We’ve had several fires in the past decade that were fed by high down slope winds and we’ve not even come close to the kind of inferno that overran Santa Rosa or Paradise. Different forest, different trees, different terrain and different fire behaviours. Might I suggest a move to Las Vegas or Spokane if you’re really that worried.

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