Large Yacht Off Montecito Coast

By an edhat reader

Does anyone know whose large yacht is anchored off the Montecito? This photo was taken on Thursday around 2pm.


Written by blazer

Blazer is a longtime radio DJ providing morning traffic reports on 92.9 KJEE and writes stories of interest for edhat.

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  1. Caruso? Perfect. Montecito has long been a haven for the wealthy, so I guess that’s the way it goes. But I miss the Miramar/Hammond’s of the old days a lot. Jacque on the bike chasing us around, the Pharmacy, casa dorinda bike sessions. We weren’t rich, but the experiences sure were.

  2. Curious why this town is so riddled with vocal class envy. Yet these same people come here to be around the benefits for wealthy people, the quality of life associated with this class envy, and enjoy the gifts that long time personal philanthropy has bestowed upon this town,. But just as easily they quickly bite the hands that feed their demand for this higher quality of life found here. Not sure they need as much media space as they get to keep spewing this class envy. They are both happy and unhappy to be here at the same time. Schadefreude describes it best. So it is a universal human condition. They just sound silly in the long run. And predictable. You can just count down the seconds for their eat the rich replies.

  3. Michael Toewbes and Eli Luria didn’t have no stink in’ yachts; they did live here full time though and put their hearts into the community along with a good bit of scratch. The yacht owner? Not in the same class at all. 5gallons per mile I bet to boot. Now that’s some conspicuous consumption.

  4. It is a special place due no small part to the charitable investments and civic volunteerism in the past. Honor them; don’t resent them. And be grateful that many get to take a free ride making far more modest contributions, due to these prior generous philanthropic gifts – which are rapidly getting undermined by both new attitudes and wrongful decisions that will quickly undo this prior careful curation of this very special place.

  5. Fascinating how you’re able to describe your own action in the action of others. Especially the Schadefreude part. But sadly to no avail. Comparison is a natural act as is envy. Look at LeBron James in the NBA playoffs (Even though I suspect you eschew basketball). He didn’t get the MVP for the season. Beat out by a good but not yet great player. In his interview last night he mentioned he only received 18 of the 180ish first place votes. This angers him. His “envy” has thus stoked a fire under his mission to win. It’s a game, obviously, but works as a model for life. Here’s a guy who has the best of himself geared towards focus and achievement of goals. Should the Lakers win the finals, he’ll be Finals MVP and be the first to win that prestigious award on three different teams. So as for that Yacht? It’s rare. Whomever “owns” it is rare. They’re also probably rarely on that yacht. Employees spend more time on it. It’s fascinating as well. Some of us find fire in ourselves to be our best by comparison to others.

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