Juvenile Motorsports

By an edhat reader

Can someone please explain how 10 year old kids are allowed to drive fully functional motorcycles on city streets and sidewalks?



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  1. The big ones you’re talking about, where the kids do not have to pedal in order for the electric motor to kick in, are NOT legal on sidewalks or dedicated bike paths like the one along Las Positas. They are only legal on the street, in the bike lane.
    I do not and will not ever understand why the police are not giving tickets NOW for this illegal riding on the sidewalks and the lack of helmets on these child cyclists, before something happens. In my opinion, when (not if!) one of these children are hit and killed, the police and the parents have blood on their hands.
    These kids are a menace and ticketing them is the only way they are going to stop before a serious accident occurs. I feel preemptively sorry for whoever it is that hits and kills one of these kids, no fault of their own. It’s coming. SBPD, please do something about this before it’s too late.

  2. Sounds like we need more public and political support to fund the police…if you’re so inclined. They can’t be everywhere and do everything at once. Plus, the “localSB” ninnies will be ready in a frickin HEARTBEAT to dog on the police officers if it was their kid that got rousted. Mesa parents – I’m talking about you….

  3. The police haven’t been defunded so much as they are severely underpaid and can’t afford to live here so what is the point of working in SB if you have to commute and can get paid similarly somewhere else where you can actually afford to live? The cost of living here is to the detriment of everyone except for landlords. And it is showing more and more each year with the vacancies downtown, the increase in crime, and with the increase in local homelessness.
    Being able to do whatever you want without getting consequences for it is the issue here, and people will push to find the limits so when there aren’t any then they simply do whatever they feel like. Those kids need to be ticketed like MY generation was if they rode skateboards downtown!

  4. You are correct that laws always lag technology and that is a good thing.
    The person upthread who mentioned free range children is also correct. Many parents are committed to raising their children without swaddling them in bubble wrap. Some of the kids are not up to the challenges yets, others will need extraordinary good fortune, and most will be just fine once they mature.
    In order to have a free and vibrant youth, we are going to have to put up with some hiccups… which has been true since humans first reproduced

  5. LOL where are you getting your facts from? They are 10 years old? They are on motorcycles riding on the sidewalks? Boy you sure blew that one up. They are junior high and high school and college kids and adults and they are riding electric bikes which have been available for the past 5 years. Did you just step outside for the first time in many years? Weird…

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