John Dungan Sentenced to 45 Years-Life for Triple Fatal 154 Collision

By the edhat staff

John Dungan was sentenced to three consecutive 15-years-to-life prison sentences for intentionally causing a vehicle collision on Highway 154 that killed three people.

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office announced he was convicted of three counts of second-degree murder this August.

Prosecutors stated that Dungan was driving 119 mph into oncoming traffic on October 25, 2019. They argued he intentionally crashed his Chevy Camaro into a Chevy Volt carrying Vanessa Bley and her two children.

Bley and her 2-year-old Lucienne Bley Gleason and 4-month-old Desmond Bley Gleason were killed instantly.

“Dungan set off a chain of events that showcased the most despicable and downright evil display imaginable,” said Stephen Wagner, Deputy District Attorney for Santa Barbara County. “His actions were methodical and meticulously executed.”

Bley’s family requested three consecutive sentences representing each life that was taken.


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  1. 9:18AM: As much as I despise the ACLU for consistently standing up for murderers and gang members at the expense of the general public, they’re mostly just trying to decriminalize homelessness. Look at the details of the homelessness precedent they set, which is that homeless can “sleep rough” on the streets IF there is not an adequate number of shelter space for them. No one remembers this but Reagan didn’t just get rid of mental institutions, his “reform” was supposed to create a viable alternative and guarantee people some minimum level of treatment. He didn’t even try to do that. I don’t really blame him though, are we really supposed to expect budget funds and substantive effort applied to a niche issue from a politician who had little to no substance? Instead we get people with mental issues and Vietnam vets w/ PTSD having the streets and county jails as their treatment. Reaganites blame it on the LibErAlS or ACLU but as usual with problems they whine about, their D in high school civics doesn’t serve them very well.

  2. MARCELK, I don’t fully agree with that person’s comment, but look it up. The ACLU is not all puppies and rainbows and feel-good cases. They often take defend extremely narrow views that do not benefit society on the whole. They have done and continue to do a lot of good, but it is really sad that they continue to use their deep pockets to fight against problems like getting folks who are undeniably suffering from mental illness on the streets into mandated drug and mental health programs. The hospitals Reagan closed were not good, but the alternative is, also, not good. It is heartbreaking to see folks totally out of their minds on the street and yes, ACLU is partially to blame for the lack of forward movement.

  3. The ACLU has almost single handedly created our homeless problem. It is shameful that this country let’s truly mentally ill people fend for themselves on the streets , which also endangers the population. People are quick to blame then governor, Reagan, but it was the pressure of the ACLU. DISGRACEFUL!!!

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