Icy Road Causes Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 154

By the edhat staff

Several vehicles collided on Cold Spring Bridge due to icy road conditions Sunday morning.

Eight passenger vehicles and one semi-truck crashed on Highway 154 around 7:30 a.m., according to the initial report from the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

Public Information Officer Mike Eliason later updated the report stated there were three separate collisions on Cold Spring Bridge due to icy conditions.

There were a total of three injuries. One elderly male with moderate injuries required extrication from his vehicle and two pregnant females were transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital as a precaution.

The bridge section of Highway 154 was closed for a short amount of time this morning, although traffic remains heavy in the area.

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  1. Most people do slow down and leave more distance between cars when it’s raining, but there’s the othre 20% or so, that don’t have a clue. Some of it is due to hormones and jocking for position, but most is ignorance. Bringing back driver’s training in high schools so teens learn the basics and cause and effect would go a long way toward teaching them to protect themselves (and others for the rest of their lives on the road.)

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