Two Males Rescued from Earl Warren Showgrounds Storm Drain

By the edhat staff

Santa Barbara County and City firefighters responded to the Earl Warren Showgrounds off Las Positas Road in Santa Barbara at 11:27 a.m. Monday after receiving a report of subjects trapped.

When crews arrived they discovered two males, one minor and one adult, trapped in a storm drain.

City firefighters used the Jaws-of-Life to remove parts of the metal grate to reach them.

County Fire Captain Scott Safechuck stated the pair entered the drain from a downstream location and were lucky the rain had subsided causing low water levels in the drain.

For safety reasons, residents are reminded not to enter storm drains.

Edhat Staff

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  1. Not to impugn the reputation of these two gentlemen, but you’re not exactly in your right mind if you’re hanging out in or near a storm drain during a big storm. Ive noticed a lot of younger male skater types around the Showgrounds, some of whom are visibly disheveled and under the influence of something. A local dealer servicing an encampment perhaps? Don’t mean to be one of the Edhat Sherlocks or crime pundits but I see these guys almost every day and it seems to be a low-hanging-fruit crime problem.

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