Homeless Camp Near Fairview?

By an edhat reader

Why is there still a large homeless encampment on side of Highway 101 near Fairview? Is no one doing anything about it? They have taken over bushes, added tarps, have clothes hanging up, and a giant fort. The last two mornings on the way to work I saw someone openly going to the bathroom. Will Goleta or Santa Barbara do anything about it?


Written by Patti Sell

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  1. The cooking fires have frequently spread and caused small fires along the 101, so, it’s not too “fake” to think they could easily spread to homes nearby the freeway. BUT….. “heating their drugs?” Lol, come on. Do you think they burn weed in open fires? Cook spoons of heroin like smores in their camp fires? Please….

  2. A-1542750587 – sB wants homeless: they create jobs and job security for government and non-profit workers – one in the same. We will build free tiny homeless villages to attract more homeless . Flyers are being distributed all over SoCal to come here. Other beach communities do not have a homeless problem because they don’t want them. These beach communities participate in regional solutions. Move if you don’t like homeless encampments. SB Police have a City Council stand down Order. They know their right is to camp on any public sidewalk including in front of your house. 9th Circuit, Dems, Republicans like jobs for college grades. Homeless are godsends to SB.

  3. where are the homeless people supposed to go..we have thousands more now after the fires esp. the camp fire and the fire outside Redding and the Santa Rosa fire last year and no housing stock. There are 100s of thousands of people living without shelter..and not all of them are dirt bags..there are respectable people out there too…. do the mentally ill deserve to be treated with disdain and disgust when there is so little help for them. WE need more places like tiny homes , cabins that also have comunal showers and laundrys and kitchens. Seattle has a good working model…we just need more and we need to change our ides and attitudes. When we demonize others less fortunate than ourselves we are looking at a reflection of ourselves. are we part of the solution or part of the problem. The homeless population problem is not going to simply dissapear just because we don’t like it.
    Tiny Cabins Safe Harbor

  4. Seattle has a dreadful working model. of “tiny homes” July 2018: …”Seattle’s eighth tiny-house village opened as KIRO 7 gets answers on what’s being done to make a tiny-house village already at Licton Springs safer. KIRO 7 investigations have shown that crime has risen in the nearby Licton Springs neighborhood, and at least one of the so-called ”villagers” has been attacked, too. …..
    Indeed, the village in Licton Springs has been an unwelcome addition to that North Seattle neighborhood. Neighbors’ complaints about an uptick in crime was borne out by stats KIRO 7 received from Seattle police in late spring. In one year, crime in Licton Springs is up more than 100 percent. Year-to-date, crime was up 80 percent. This, as crime overall in the North Precinct dropped seven percent……. (MyNorthwest)

  5. DO NOT perpetuate that Seattle has a good working model. It has become a bigger S***Hole than almost any major city. It’s actually a vision for what SB is becoming…may I remind you of the needle stick to small child in the park.

  6. HZ – the homeless problem in SB/Goleta is not affected by the fires. These aren’t refugees from the fires. Also, people displaced by fires and disasters are not in the same boat as those who are homeless, either by choice (urban traveler types) or by disabilities/addictions causing their situation.

  7. I too find the homeless encampments and transients downtown to be a nuisance, not to mention a public health hazard. But where are they supposed to go? I mean, you can oust them, get rid of them, whatever – but they don’t actually disappear. They still exist. They are still homeless. They don’t cease to be a “problem”. And if you don’t have a home, where are you going to pee?

  8. Is this possible, file a written complaint with zoning? Is the area zoned for camping? Do the campers have adequate toilets, fire hazards, parking, etc. Also, be sure to call police/sheriff and report the camping and INSIST on a Case Number for your complaint. Without a case number, your complaint never happened. Write to county supervisors giving the case number(s) and what you have witnessed.
    When your house burns down because of the so-called “campfires” — actually heating their drugs, you can sue the county or city, keep your proof of a pattern of your reporting danger. Don’t be passive. You can be the change you want.

  9. Exactly LETMEGO!! What do people expect the police to do? Put ’em in jail? Put them up at the Faulding hotel? Beat them up so badly they need medical attention? All that costs money and the “small government crusaders” have made sure we don’t pay as much in taxes so there are no funds for the “special projects” some citizens cry for. No taxes = no special projects… arguably a simplistic view but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the less you pay for something (public services) the less you get.

  10. The headline poses the correct question: What will Goleta do about the homeless among its people? Goleta has dodged and ignored and lied about the issue since it became a city. It has no facilities or commitment to help the homeless. It hopes that others such as the city of Santa Barbara and the state of California will do the work. Goleta wants to be unburdened by both the moral duty to help and the perception that anyone from Goleta could be in need. What hypocrisy and greed.

  11. Pay a premium… to own a home! haha! You mean a mint? A bloody effing FORTUNE? This place is out of control. Housing costs NEED to come DOWN. Now. I’m so bummed that 10 didn’t pass. Shame. California is in a crippling housing crisis, and when we get something on the ballot to help combat it, the real estate barons and rich landowners pay a bundle to stamp it down with false information ads. SHAME.

  12. How do you know? Do you personally talk to each and every homeless person out there and ask them what happened to them to get them to where they are now? You do NOT know that some of these people weren’t displaced by the many California fires, recent, or not so recent. As the housing crisis grows and continues and as the cost of living rises and rises, we will not be seeing an end to homelessness, just an ever growing homeless population and more crime because desperate people do desperate things.

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