Highway 101 Restroom Recommendations

By an edhat reader

I’d love to ask about recommendations for restrooms on the 101 Northbound from Goleta to Buellton on behalf of a family member with a medical condition. Given the ongoing Gaviota Rest Area closure, I don’t know about any other options.

However, I think there are some beaches along the way which may offer restrooms- do they require paid visitor parking? Are they easy to access? Do they have port-a-potties ? Thanks!


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    • VOICE – I never said they had to be deliberately flashing someone. You missed half the sentence – “or if someone happens to report seeing them acting vulgar, just like in SF.”
      Once again, you cherry pick my words and take them out of context. Thing is, I can’t be upset with you about it, as you’ve clearly demonstrated here time and time and time and time again, that you don’t know any better. Your “reasoning” skills are sophomoric, if existent at all, and I feel bad for taking you to task so often. Buck up kiddo, you’ll get better someday.

    • Truly obnoxious and unrelenting on all sides. Ed, pleeeease consider a daily comment limit. These repetitive arguments from the same 3-4 users, complete with name calling and belittling, gum up Every. Single. Thread. It’s folks like this that caused Noozhawk etc to get rid of comments. I hope Edhat never does the same but ugh. I would understand it at this point.

    • LINA – dead one, 100%. Fond and many others tend post inflammatory, offensive, and/or verifiably false, etc posts, which then prompt others (like myself) to dispute/disagree/call out. This in turn brings VOICE (and now Basic) out of the woodwork to answer for others and then we start the back and forth, arguing purely for the sake of arguing. This cycle is repeated over and over again. I admit, I should avoid Voice’s baiting, but it’s not who I am to let it go sometimes. The original racist/homophonic/inhumane/cruel/unsolicited political/ verifiably false comments that generally start this cycle are the true cause. Unfortunately, we can’t (nor should we) expect the Edhat staff to be monitoring each and every comment the second it is posted. So, what to do other than delete the original offensive comment and all those that respond to it, especially mine and Voice’s once we start our ridiculous dance? That’s already the policy and works well, except yes….. sometimes others will see the back and forths before they’re removed. To those, I say sorry, but you can always just ignore them. Not sure what else to do that would be fair to all.

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