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Week of 11/28 – 12/2: Santa Barbara City Council and advisory committee meetings

A long-time Edhat subscriber, hoping for more public participation in our local government, thought it would be helpful and interesting for the community to have a weekly listing of selected meetings, those of city-wide interest. We agreed. Please tell us what you think. There have been requests for coverage of other jurisdictions; volunteers to do that, please contact If we’ve mis-posted an address or there’s a meeting that we failed to list, please note the correction in the Comments section below. Thanks!

Santa Barbara has a City Calendar of meetings. (NB: The City Calendar is a guide to many meetings and events but is not always accurate in its civic-interest meeting listings.) City TV covers many of the meetings and has reruns and updates with newly-scheduled meetings. However, some meetings, Consent Calendars and Downtown Parking Committee, as examples, are not televised even though they are held in the David Gebhard Public Meeting Room, wired for TV.

Common acronyms, abbreviations: hybrid or Hyflex, meeting access is both in person and via Zoom or other web accesses; ADU, Accessory Dwelling Unit; PDA, Project Design Approval; FA, Final Approval; CAR, Council Agenda Report. Meeting locations: City Council chamber upstairs at City Hall, 735 Anacapa Street; David Gebhard Room (DGR), 630 Garden Street; Franklin Neighborhood Center, 1136 E. Montecito Street; or where noted. Noted also for some Council and Advisory Committee meetings are non-public addresses; these are addresses for those public servants who choose to attend the meetings at home or elsewhere.

It’s a quiet meeting week, except for the workhorse Boards, the SFDB and the ABR. Also of note: there’s a special Harbor Commission subcommittee meeting on cruise ships at high noon on Thursday.

MONDAY, 11/28

Single Family Design Board, 11:00 A.M., DGR, in person: Consent Agenda: A. 648 Ricardo Ave., ” Proposal for substantial redevelopment of an existing single-unit residence,…” FA; B. 3236 Laurel Canyon Rd., Review after FA; C. 121 Via del Cielo, PDA. Architectural Drawings, link.

Architectural Board of Review, 1 P.M., DGR, in person, Consent Agenda: 1109 de la Vina St., “Proposal to convert 1,399 square feet of commercial space into three short-term rentals. Proposal includes demolition of an existing garage and replacement with four uncovered parking spaces.” PDA. Architectural drawings: link.

Architectural Board of Review, 3 P.M., DGR, Hyflex, Agenda: 1. 1810 San Pascual St., PDA for a two-story ADU and residence, PDA; 2; 1411 San Pascual St., Concept Review for “Proposal for a two-story building with a four-car garage on the first floor and a two-bedroom Accessory Dwelling Unit on the second floor. Existing duplex will remain”; 3; Highway 101 HOV Improvements, Concept Review. Architectural drawings: link.

TUESDAY, 11/29

Sign Committee, 9 A.M., DGR, Meeting cancelled.


Staff Hearing Officer, 9 A.M., DGR, Meeting cancelled.

Single Family Design Board, Special Meeting, 2 P.M., DGR, Hyflex, Zoom link at the Agenda: 1. 229 Vista del Mar, PDA & FA; 1509 Shoreline Drive, Concept Review; 903 Alston Road, PDA & FA. Public Comment: link.


Planning Commission, 1 PM, Hyflex, Council Chamber, Agenda: 540 W. Pueblo St. and 521 W. Junipero St. “…The proposed project consists of a 2,107-square-foot (net) addition to the main Cancer Center building for a new linear Planning Commission Agenda December 1, 2022 Page 4 of 4 accelerator (device used to deliver high-energy X-rays or electrons as radiation treatment for cancer patients) and associated office space….” plus more parking in place of an approved duplex.

There is a site visit at 8 A.M., 540 W. Pueblo St. For staff reports, public comment and architectural drawings, please click here.


Street Tree Advisory Committee, 8:30 A.M, regular meeting, Agenda: Parks Office, 402 E. Ortega St., Tree removal considerations:

Street Tree, 1318 Mason St., Canary Island Date Palm;

Setback trees:

1. 302 Santa Anita Road – Jacaranda mimosifolia, Jacaranda – Joan Calder;

2. 361 Palisades Drive – Tipuana tipu, Tipu Tree – Arbor Services, Inc.;

3. 1901 Gibraltar Road – Liquidambar styraciflua, American Sweetgum – Jerry Simmons;

4. 1427 Shoreline Drive –– Araucaria columnaris, Cook Pine -James Malcolm.


Old Business, setback trees:

1. 1212 Punta Gorda Street – Cedrus deodara, Deodar Cedar – Ricardo Frustockl

2. 3775 Modoc Road – (1) Eucalyptus sideroxylon, Red Ironbark, (7) Eucalyptus viminalis,


Harbor Commission, Special Meeting, Cruise ship Subcommittee, 12 noon, Marine Center Classroom, 125 Harbor Way, 2nd floor, Hyflex, for Zoom access see: Agenda: “The Cruise Ship Subcommittee will:

– Receive a presentation from Waterfront Staff outlining the economics of the cruise ship program, primary community concerns, regulatory framework, and existing mitigation;

– Receive a presentation from the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District (APCD); and

– Discuss and take action as necessary.” Public Comments (as of Saturday, 11/26) link.


FRIDAY, 12/2

no meetings noted.

Of general interest:

City Advisory Commissions are listed with their duties and powers described in the Charter of the City of Santa Barbara, See: Article Vlll, Appointive Boards and Commissions, pg; 25 et seg. Other commissions may be formed by the City Council for certain issues of public concern.  Santa Barbara Municipal Code.

AIA-Santa Barbara, August 2020,  State Street Promenade and housing community survey results, more than 4,800 responses, linked here. Civic groups concerned about city government: Allied Neighborhoods Association, Citizens Planning Association, League of Women Voters -Santa Barbara, and various hyperlocal neighborhood associations.

The City of Santa Barbara emphasizes transparency: Linked under city transparency is a link to the Ralph M. Brown Act, aka “Brown Act“, Legislative Chapter, Government Code 54950.5. “In enacting this chapter, the Legislature finds and declares that the public commissions, boards and councils and the other public agencies in this State exist to aid in the conduct of the people’s business. It is the intent of the law that their actions be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly.”


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