Heat Wave Snacks

By TwoScoops

What are your favorite snacks during a heat wave? I like melon, grapes, celery, strawberries, lettuce, and soup. These foods account for around 20-30% of my fluid intake.  What foods should be avoided?  


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  1. Good point. That’s why sports drinks like Gatorade have salts based on sodium, potassium, etc. They’re also there to replenish the salts you lose through sweating so as to prevent muscle cramps. On our last backpacking trip down into the Grand Canyon, one of the park rangers told us she recommends Fritos corn chips along with plenty of water to those hiking in the extreme heat down to the Colorado. Obviously this is just for heavy exertion under conditions an office worker or sedentary person wouldn’t experience.

  2. Drank 2 gallons of water today on meds for an infection on my leg gotta go to the doctor on Monday..Have little oranges, have a watermelon for next week, frozen strawberries, raspberries, have over 10 gallons of water, 2 fans, and a ceiling fan, bags to freeze water for ice hopefully get more ice, have a few lemons too, hopefully al;l will be well..

  3. Lemonade or any fresh juice crushed with ice in a blender will cool you down for sure. The down voter needs a life I feel bad for that person. I seriously think it’s one pathetic person with multiple accounts.

  4. When you exercise for a long time in hot weather, you need to take in salt and water. Without salt, you do not retain water and you may become dehydrated. Here’s an interesting link that explains this: drmirkin.com/archive/7079.html

  5. ok, I DID forget the original question when I read the responses. I will repeat: wet shirt, fan, cold/cool gel packs under arm & in groin/thigh crease, wet head and hair when it dries, pin hair up away from neck. Our temps at the area in question shouldn’t cause heat exhaustion or sickness requiring emergency medical care if we do this stuff.
    I had 2 or 3 hot or warm meals in two weeks during last heat wave. Snacks? Meals? I made wonderful picnic – nibble plates for myself. Canned fish, tuna, kippered herring. Got smoked trout at Grocery Outlet, which sells 2 lbs. avos for 3 or 4 bucks. Big packages of sliced and diced veggies at vons, good to eat raw or saute. Ham is good cold. Hard boiled eggs, cook them or splurge on the packaged cooked ones (yeah, might be embarrassing to do so, but so worth it). So — LOTS of raw veg & fruit, crackers and cheese, canned fish, cold cuts, … I love to eat this way regardless of weather. Sit outside or spread a sheet on the floor inside and have a picnic. With wet shirts, of courses.

  6. I remember reading that it is better to drink things like hot tea rather than cold drinks. While cold drinks “make you feel better” physiologically they actually cause your system to turn down its’ cooling system and turn up its’ warming system.

  7. I keep portable air conditioner blowing on me at all times possible.
    I do drink more liquid.
    I make healthy Popsicles-1 Avacado, 1 can unsweetened coconut milk, juice of one or two limes, and a bit of honey……blend in blended and put in Popsicle molds or ice trays…..filling and cooling.
    Or if you like fruit-take 1 cup blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries-any or all together-with a scoop or protein powder(any flavor) 1 cup plain yogurt and nut milk-blend it up and freeze-
    Both are refreshing easy and filling…..
    Stay cool,

  8. BETSY: There’s nothing “healthy” about sweetened condensed milk. You can make your own —- super easy: sugar, butter, milk powder, vanilla —- but all that sugar is bad bad bad. *******************
    My favorite hot weather snacks? Icy cold organic peaches, icy cold organic cherries and icy cold organic watermelon.

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