Governor Rolls Back Reopening of Businesses

By edhat staff

Governor Gavin Newsom announced Monday that several business sectors will once again shut down due to concerns over increasing COVID-19 cases.

Statewide closures of some indoor operations have been ordered effective immediately as well as additional indoor closures for all counties on the state’s watch list, including Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

Statewide indoor closures include restaurants, bars and breweries, wineries & tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos and museums, and cardrooms. County watch-list indoor closures include fitness centers, places of worship, indoor protests, offices for non-critical infrastructure sectors, personal care services, hair salons and barbershops, and malls. 

Regarding restaurants, outdoor dining and takeout are still allowed. 

“We’ve made this point on multiple occasions and that is we’re moving back into a modification mode of our original stay-at-home order,” Newsom said.

There are currently 31 counties, approximately 80% of the state’s population, on the state’s monitoring list.

California reported 109,910 new cases of COVID-19 and 1,104 deaths in the last two weeks. Overall the state has more than 320,000 COVID-19 cases and more than 7,000 deaths.

The latest case count within Santa Barbara County will be posted this evening.

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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  1. I freakin’ told all you anti-mask bozos so! Thanks! Now our kids are going to miss out on school and sports and a normal life even longer! Screw your haircuts and bars, our children are missing out on life right now! Your selfishness is cowardly, disgusting and I’d say “anti-American” bud sadly, this what our country has devolved into. A pack of selfish, hateful fools. This is all on YOU.

  2. WHATSNEW – the Chumash Casino is open for one reason and one reason alone. Greed. The right thing for a sovereign native american business to do, would be to comply with what all other local business must do. Shame on the Casino for staying open. This is one of the many culprits behind our schools staying closed in the fall. All those who are open unnecessarily and refuse to wear masks or take any social responsibility are the direct cause of our children losing out on a normal life. Disgusting.

  3. This is very unfortunate yet not at all surprising given how many people are being selfish in regards to trying to mitigate the spread of the virus (non-mask wearing, non-social distancing, etc). I do feel bad for the many kids who are having to re-adjust to life as we currently know it. On another note, I would be interested to know how many (if any at all) new cases have come from any of the local tattoo shops.I would guess 0. My artist has been appointment only for years now, the space is small and it’s always one-on-one. No foot traffic, like some of the others on State with countless walk-ins and lookey-loos. You would think these shops would be allowed to stay open over say, a gym.

  4. Disappointed that the YMCA is closing again. The staff have done a remarkable job keeping the place clean and sanitary. Masks are required upon entry. There’s hand sanitizer everywhere. Showers and lockers are closed. I nip and out of the place to swim in the pool. The vaccine can’t survive in chlorinated water. I don’t see how swimming at the pool is any more dangerous than, say, shopping at Trader Joe’s. Seems like Santa Barbara is being punished because the numbers are high in Santa Maria. What a bore.

  5. I don’t get the ‘anti-masker’ comments here. I was out today, went to three businesses on Calle Real, and 100% of the people I saw in these places wore face coverings and avoided close contact to the extent they could. Same at Camino Real Marketplace a few days ago. The only scofflaw I saw was a homeless dude outside Albertson’s. I’m thinking something else is at work in the continuing spread of the virus – something we don’t yet understand.

  6. JB86 you make a good point actually. In my travels most people if not all are wearing masks. Now I don’t go much anywhere except grocery stores but that is what I’ve observed. I was just saying to my family yesterday – after this new “order” – that if inside activities have to be cancelled then obviously masks aren’t working. He closed only indoor operations – and in most of these we are supposed to be wearing masks and most do so what is going on here?

  7. There is something I don’t understand. I see comments about people not wearing masks on State Street, but that is outside. This closes all indoor activities. Everywhere I’ve been indoors – which is only essential businesses when I need something – pretty much everyone, with a few exceptions, wears a mask especially lately. So what is going on here? This concerns me. I know masks are not 100% so maybe that’s it, either that or they still aren’t sure about how this virus is spreading. Something is not adding up.

  8. Where are all these people without masks? Everywhere I go people are wearing masks including out of county. So why all of a sudden this shutdown? Where is the “science” indicating this is effective? And by the way, research never “proves” anything. Do we even know the exact parameters being used in the numbers? Does the entire population need the restrictions? Are there only subgroups? And before anyone goes off on me, yes I teach doctoral level research and chair quantitative dissertations. The methodology for all these numbers has been (deliberately) obscured/omitted. Is everyone using the exact same criteria for reporting? I haven’t trusted any of the numbers since the beginning. There is so very much we do not know.

  9. This is akin to birth control. if you want it to be effective you have to use it ALL the time. So lets equate this to the current situation, if NOT EVERYONE WEARS a mask, then we have spikes and have to close down again.

  10. Wow, a scientist that sounds like an anti-vaxxer! Is it your point that we can’t trust any information coming from any source? Personally, the total hospitalization and total ICU numbers and resultant deaths coming out of Ventura County have been consistent from the start, so I’m willing to trust them. They show the best summary of the current problem anyway.

  11. RAC you sure don’t sound like someone who teaches “doctoral level research and chair quantitative dissertations” (whatever that’s supposed to mean, though it’s meant to be impressive). And clearly you can’t differentiate between a scientific paper and public information bulletins; they are not the same as you seem to expect. But go ahead and follow the lead of Kudlow and Mnuchin in politicizing public health policy.

  12. SBOBSERVER what are you talking about? So far NO indoor dining has been permitted in SB and bars were closed awhile back. Every single indoor location I’ve been too most have been wearing masks. As for outdoors on State Street, not so much. Also I don’t walk around with a smartphone or whatever it is you are assuming/projecting. So yeah, makes no sense that ppl are not wearing masks on the beach, State Street OUTSIDE – but inside, yet they close INDOOR activities [of which there have been few as the Zoo which is included, is mostly outdoors]. Tattoo places, the ones i know of – only 1 person is let in at a time. Same with estheticians [also someone I know owns a spa business], and the salons, including mine – very much limit customers and require masks. So what exactly are you talking about?

  13. PSTAR then why not close the beaches and outside areas / dining too? Considering it is on beaches and State Street that ppl aren’t wearing masks, as you are REQUIRED to indoors in almost every place if not every place in SB. This makes no sense.

  14. No, Oceanadrew, my noting my professional experience was not intended to be impressive. Far from it. It was to avoid flaming from those who would have said “What do YOU know about research methodology?” But, alas, someone will always find a way to respond with hostility and sarcasm. But I do know enough to not trust information as fact until I can review the methodology. Whether it is a scientific paper or a public information bulletin. Good day.

  15. Pit, my post did not make any reference to the topic of vaccinations. I am not clear about your intent in using the term. Are you implying that an anti-vaxxer is in opposition to ALL vaccinations? I will say that I will not be first in line for the miracle coronovirus vaccine.

  16. These orders apply to counties all over the state. Some aspects are more likely to apply to SB than others. Maybe SB didn’t have as much of an indoor dining issue but we did have gyms open, etc. And yes, masks work. Are they 100% ? No, but what is? When I drive I wear my seat belt. Does that mean my odds of dying in a car crash are zero? Should I say seat belts don’t work? Common sense tells me that even a crappy piece of cloth over my mouth and nose will reduce the amount of particulates I breath in and out. Even if its less than half that is an improvement and it adds up and aggregates up to society at large. I still wash my hands, avoid touching my eyes and minimize my time in close proximity to others. Just like I follow traffic laws, practice defensive driving and yes… wear a seat belt and make sure I took the car in for that airbag recall. Its a variety of behaviors to minimize the risk to myself and others.

  17. 9:53, RAC’s post was all about distrust and nothing at all about verification. He hasn’t trusted ANY of the numbers since the beginning. The only way that is a welcome voice is if that position supports your world view that everything is fake. Not helpful at all.

  18. BIGMAN, masks are only part of the package. If someone goes to the store and wears a mask just so they can go in, but touches stuff, leaves the store and rubs their eyes in their car that person can still get infected and then spread it to their family. Who goes out and spreads it to the neighbors that keep having people over.

  19. What??? A scientist who acknowledges the uncertainties of his data and the limitations of his methodology? Blasphemy! When a state or local official says their policy is “science based” everyone should accept it as absolute irrefutable truth. Authority should never be questioned. These “deniers” clearly don’t understand how modern “science” works.

  20. The epidemiological data clearly show that the states that opened up earlier and to a greater degree have surges that track those actions, not any protests. Protests contribute, but only to a minor degree compared to prolonged indoor contact.

  21. Not according to this news article:
    “County officials “ultimately landed sort of a bifurcated system” after identifying sites through the county, including centrally located areas in Buellton and the Santa Ynez Valley, Melekian said.
    If necessary, the Cal Poly Recreation Center has beds available for Santa Barbara County residents in the event of a COVID-19 surge in the North County, Melekian explained.
    “The North County 250 beds, we have an arrangement with Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in San Luis Obispo County to handle North County overflow in the event the county hospital system is overwhelmed,” Melekian said.

  22. I’m not a GOP supporter. Far from it. Lifetime socialist. I would rather see a Democratic super-majority in Sacramento than one diluted by a bunch of moronic Republicans. But Newsom’s decrees smack of overreach, and they’re going to piss off a lot of middle-of-the-road people and small business owners facing ruin. In right-leaning districts, Dems will be ousted by citizen-voters who feel their lives are being turned upside-down by Newsom’s decrees.

  23. I am out 6 days a week. I observe as I move around, mostly around the Northside, between Mission and Five Pts. I have kept track, and for the last 10 days, 23% of the people that I have observed who were not on the bus or in a store or seated at a restaurant, indoor or out, were wearing a mask. Some who weren’t were riding bikes or skateboards, which are known to combat the virus. Others were jogging, and everyone knows you can’t get it or spread it if you are jogging. Some were just walking from one place to another on the sidewalk, just like me. I initiate social distancing, and most seemed either oblivious or offended. I am not rude, nor do I call them out, but I feel like they do not care about my health, or that of my family, or for theirs for that matter. It’s really disappointing.
    The upward curve began when this selfish, dismissive behavior started to gain steam after Memorial Day. Unless there is an enforceable fine for not wearing a mask, what’s the point? If one ignorant person goes out without a mask and infects 2,10,100 others, then what’s the point? If I had to pay $500 for not wearing a mask, I’d wear one even if I didn’t want to. It’s like drunk driving, if you think about it. If everyone who was drunk just drove all at the same time, it wold be a disaster – like COVID.

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