No Mask Required (Part 1)

By Tom Modugo, Goleta Surfing

Since March our lives have changed, but we’ve all heard enough about that. Instead, here are some photos of how Goleta folk made the most of their social distancing.

There has been some fairly consistent surf.

The downside to that was that no one was going to work or school, so you usually had lots of company.

Looks like about 6 feet apart, good job guys…

There was some late season swell that made for a solid week of surf in May.

Well, there were waves.

And all the “Shelter in Place” business was just a memory. Unless that place was the beach…

Paramedic droppin’ in…

The fog came and went a few days, which usually cuts the crowd down a lot. Definitely makes surf photography a challenge.

But June was when the windswells popped up. 

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Written by tMo

Tom Modugno is a local business owner, surfer, writer, and community activist. He also runs and

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