Giraffe Calf Settles In to Santa Barbara Zoo

Giraffe calf smooches (Photo: Santa Barbara Zoo)

Adia’s third calf (seen giving a playful nibble above) is now two and a half weeks old and establishing her place in the Zoo’s herd.

According to zookeeper Ariel, “She is just like her mama, spunky and independent. Although she has Theo and Raymie wrapped around her finger, she likes to hang out with Audrey and the other adults when out on habitat. She’s exploring hay and browse and still figuring out how that tongue works!”

The calf is now out in the habitat until about 2 PM daily (weather permitting). If you visit early in the morning, you might get to see her “getting her zoomies out by racing laps around the other giraffes.”

Masai giraffes are from Kenya and are the tallest of the four species of giraffes. The Masai are identifiable not only by their height but also by their spot patterns, which look like oak leaves.

The new giraffe is sponsored by Premier Foster Feeders Nora McNeely Hurley & Michael Hurley but does not yet have a name. Keep an eye out for more information on how you can vote for your favorite giraffe calf name coming soon!


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