Gang Prevention Programs in Lompoc?

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Are there any gang prevention programs in Lompoc for my pre-teen granddaughter?

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Flicka Nov 18, 2019 03:47 PM
Gang Prevention Programs in Lompoc?

It takes a Village, remember. No reason schools can't step in to educate properly and help steer kids in the right direction. Overworked parents holding 2 or 3 jobs can't have all the blame laid on them.

a-1574057496 Nov 17, 2019 10:11 PM
Gang Prevention Programs in Lompoc?

There is a program in Santa Barbara and maybe Lompoc called AVP, Alternatives To Violence Project. Junior High kids can do it and you could both do the first workshop on a weekend together. It is a great program and fun. There are three levels and a possibility of becoming a facilitator eventually. It involves people of different ages and backgrounds.

a-1574026068 Nov 17, 2019 01:27 PM
Gang Prevention Programs in Lompoc?

Mental health, poverty, violence, trauma - these are things that some kids are born into at no fault of their own - I repeat: NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. The public schools have access to these children for most of their waking hours, and are mandated according to state and federal law to support and serve children sufficiently so that they can be educated, and prepared for college and independent living. Instead, Lompoc Unified School District provides extremely violent school campuses which flagrantly ignore state standards of education. The campuses are so riddled with violence that there is a cottage industry of posting fights in their schools online. Their gang-diversion program is limited to expulsion - which does nothing, and referrals to outside agencies who fail to be tracked for any efficacy, and instead, are used as proof of failure on the part of the children, when they fail to have the ability to show up on their own. Lompoc Unified fails to provide ANYTHING proven effective in combatting gang activity or sex-trafficking of its students, and instead, includes visits to the local prison for children identified as "at risk" for such activity - something proven to be more likely to elicit maladaptive behavior than any form of reformation/deterrence. Lompoc Unified can be counted on to provide us with the next generation of gang-bangers and child prostitutes, as they continue to do more harm than good. Joyce Dudley, the DA's office, the Sheriff's office and the local Lompoc PD, Child Welfare Services and the local Juvenile Court do NOTHING to prevent this known cycle through Lompoc Unified which continues to produce victimized children and violence. Instead, the children are blamed for the circumstances they are born into, and we spend tax money supporting social services and a public school system that literally does more harm than good. I am a born/raised/proud liberal - nonetheless, the agencies I have just mentioned, most importantly the Lompoc Unified Public School District, literally do more harm than good. We would be better off without such public service agencies, as at least then, people would know that there was truly nothing in place to help these children.

lovesbalot Nov 17, 2019 09:09 AM
Gang Prevention Programs in Lompoc?

I love the comments from AndrewBaker.. I would add that we need to understand the school to prison pipeline. Many have trouble with reading and it needs to be taught in a phonemic explicit way to learn how to decode. The prison system decides how many beds it will need by how many students can not read at the end of the third grade. Literacy is key to success, employment, and many things that create joy in our lives. Our schools are ignoring laws that protect the needs of dyslexics and the latex that struggle to learn how to read. They need early assessments and appropriate intervention in K and 1st for starters.

ParvoPup Nov 16, 2019 08:39 PM
Gang Prevention Programs in Lompoc?

I'd start with an involved parent or parents who aren't likely being worked to death just to cover the basics. Then we can talk about funded social programs. We have the cart before the horse when we look to a government to provide care for our own kids.

andrewbaker77 Nov 16, 2019 06:04 PM
Gang Prevention Programs in Lompoc?

Fill your heart with a passion and there will be no room to fill it with hate.
Buy her books. Or art supplies. Hit the library. Read and read more. Work on travel plans. Give her the travel bug. Listen to her. Find out what she is most passionate for, and help her become that passion.
Gangs are for those who are looking to fill a void.
Make sure she doesn't have one to fill. - AB in Santa Barbara and Sabah Borneo

a-1573952762 Nov 16, 2019 05:06 PM
Gang Prevention Programs in Lompoc?

See if you can find her a volunteer job a few days a month at either a Senior living facility/hospital or a women's homeless/battered shelter.

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