Flood Hit Santa Barbara in February 1914

The 1914 debris flow at the intersection of Olive Mill and Hot Springs Road. [Credit: Courtesy of the Montecito Association History Committee]

Just wanted to remind folks that we had an even bigger flood 110 years ago.

News clippings from 1914 in Santa Barbara regarding a massive flood (By Betsy J. Green)

Written by bjgreen

Betsy J. Green is a Santa Barbara historian and author. Her books are available in local bookstores, and at Amazon.com. (Shop local if you can.) Learn more at betsyjgreen.com.

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  1. How similar is the look of that photograph from over a century ago to those take in the same area after the Montecito debris flow a few years back? Looks identical. Those boulders have been coming down through Montecito, mission canyon, and the like around here for eons. The little nets won’t help, and that’s why they’ve been pulled out. Interesting to see this Betty, thank you.

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