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By John Wiley

What always flew? Long before people, birds, bats, or even pterodactyls slowly figured out how to fly, at least one thing flew that seems to be flying even faster now: Time.

Thus it is that months after an August flight, I've realized these pix never got sent to Ed. Even so, they may be of interest to anyone who loves these sites or hasn't yet visited them. Though visiting the reservoir above Hwy.101 on D.P. Ranch just West of Goleta may not be possible for the public, we do get to enjoy it from the air (maybe you too sometimes from airliners?).

It's been far too long since we've visited El Capitan, even though we fly past fairly often. That's true of Refugio too, though we fly over that less often. Last in this batch is Gaviota Beach, where we want to stop on our next drive out that way at low tide, to explore the fascinating exposed cliffs West of the pier. Upended sandstone layers there have made some intriguing shapes and small caves. Do you have pix to share of these places so familiar to many of us?

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taz Nov 28, 2021 06:38 PM
First to Fly

Where is the reservoir? I've driven that area a lot but haven't seen it. I was surprised at how devastated the areas surrounding El Capitan and the others still were in August. Those fires seem long ago now, but the areas in your photos are Gray, not Green - so sad. Great perspective on it all John - thank you.

John Wiley Nov 28, 2021 07:27 PM
First to Fly

A friend was at the house to the right of the reservoir a few years ago but I don't recall ever seeing a ground-level pic of the lake, house or surroundings. The top of the dam is well above the freeway and I think there are trees along the freeway to reduce noise for the residents, so you probably can't see it from the roadway. I think it's the DP Ranch or Naples freeway exit Northbound, about 2 miles from the West boundary of Goleta near Sandpiper. Anyone been there or have pix?

tagdes Nov 29, 2021 10:45 AM
First to Fly

It shows easily on Google maps. Exit 113 Dos Pueblos Cyn Rd. exit on Naples Access Rd. It's up Bear Rd and then Seville Rd. Coords 34.448475,-119951889

John Wiley Nov 29, 2021 12:43 AM
First to Fly

Any Gav.Beach bluff/cave pix out there? If you send some to Ed maybe they'd get added.

a-1638183226 Nov 29, 2021 02:53 AM
First to Fly

How timely this is! Lots of photographs.
"I’m heading out to the Gaviota Coast for a beach walk. My destination: the Observation Point at the mouth of Arroyo Hondo Creek."
Ray Ford

photootto Nov 29, 2021 11:01 AM
First to Fly

i dont think thats D.P ranch maybe Hollister Ranch??

sacjon Nov 29, 2021 12:59 PM
First to Fly

It's a shame there are so many beautiful reservoirs and other small bodies of water that are closed to the public. It would be amazing to be able to walk around, and even fish (with regulation) some of these likely bass infested waters!

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