Fire in Isla Vista?

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I walked outside in the Hollister and Patterson area to smell and see a smokey sky. SB county fire website says there's a structure fire in Isla Vista. The smoke is pretty bad. Does anyone know more?

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SBZZ Aug 16, 2021 12:49 PM
Fire in Isla Vista?

"This means the smoke is not originating here." Not necessarily - one could be close to a wildfire, but if upwind, the smoke impact to one could be next to nothing. The reality is that most of the smoke over us is several thousand feet up, hence the reason for the relatively low air quality readings at our surface air monitoring stations. Grim views of the situation up north can be seen in visible sat imagery like

a-1629142416 Aug 16, 2021 12:33 PM
Fire in Isla Vista?

Link off the AQI site shows extent of smoke clouds, plus air quality measurements:

Minibeast Aug 16, 2021 09:50 AM
Fire in Isla Vista?

The sun this morning as it rose was astoundingly red. Like a vermillion super moon. It was fun watching people try to capture this sight with their cell phone cameras, as the red was due to smoke haze and in such photos the sun will only look hazy yellow. Definitely fire-related/smoky air. AQI in Santa Barbara right now (9:50 a.m.) is very good: 21. In Goleta it's 18. This means the smoke is not originating here. There are fires north and south of us, as per CMKR's link.

NostraChumash Aug 16, 2021 09:20 AM
Fire in Isla Vista?

May I suggest a cloth face-mask to
mitigate an smoke particles...
No, too soon?..

CoastWatch Aug 16, 2021 08:51 AM
Fire in Isla Vista?

How CLUELESS and living in a bubble can you be....? There are almost a MILLION acres burning in our State right now.... Unbelievable.

ArtisticSN Aug 16, 2021 08:47 AM
Fire in Isla Vista?

Smokey and smoke smell off Kellogg towards goleta beach it seems but cant tell

Roger Aug 16, 2021 08:40 AM
Fire in Isla Vista?

There was a smoke investigation in the 700 Block of Camino Del Sur earlier coming from an apartment building..

CMKR Aug 16, 2021 08:18 AM
Fire in Isla Vista?

This is once again smoke from the large fires north of us in CA and the Pacific Northwest.
It is very hazardous to health
Please see for fire and smoke map
Refresh regularly to see updated information

Henry Sarria Aug 16, 2021 08:09 AM
Fire in Isla Vista?

I've been up since 5:00am, haven't heard any sirens or anything. I's a bit smoky outside, hazy kind of, but I don't think it's from anything here in IV. If I find something out, I'll let you all know.

lokelyokel Aug 16, 2021 07:55 AM
Fire in Isla Vista?

We are down in Montecito near the beach and can see it here even EAST of us. I looked at the Cal-Fire website and my Twitter follows and I got nothing. AQI still reads green. Mystery indeed.

sfgac055 Aug 16, 2021 07:55 AM
Fire in Isla Vista?

Smoky in Montecito, looks like smoke from one of the fires from up north.

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