Driver Opens Car Door in Front of Bicyclist

By Geo Duarte

A dooring incident, Vehicle vs. Bike Collision

Around 6:40 PM (Tuesday, 9/5/2023), a gray Lexus CT 200h had pulled over at 615 Chapala facing North. This is a red zone where many drivers ignore the law and perform food and passenger drop-offs and pick-ups.

According to a witness, the driver did not check before opening the door and a bicyclist collided with the vehicle.

The rider was seriously injured and there was a good amount of red spotting on the asphalt near the car. The bicyclist was transported to Cotrage Hospital.

The driver was cited for parking in the red. He argued he’s from L.A. and was not aware of the local laws. The officer said “…the rules are the same here as in L.A…a red zone…”

Aparently, since 2016 drivers can also be cited for dooring incidents such as this. Drivers please check before opening vehicle doors. 

Geo Duarte

Written by Geo Duarte

Geo Duarte is a volunteer scanner reporter for More reports can be viewed on Geo's Instagram page @Xtek_Overload

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