DoorDash Activates Severe Weather Protocol in Santa Barbara

By DoorDash

DoorDash has today activated its Severe Weather Protocol and suspended operations in Santa Barbara, California and surrounding areas.

This precautionary measure comes as severe rainfall has caused flash flooding throughout the region, and as Santa Barbara County has announced evacuation and shelter in place orders for impacted cities. 

DoorDash has suspended all operations in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas as of Monday, January 9 at 5pm PST, including Goleta, Isla Vista, Montecito and Carpinteria.

Operations are expected to resume at 10am PST on Tuesday, January 10, but are dependent on evolving weather conditions and the status of county orders. These changes have been communicated with Dashers, merchants and customers in the impacted areas. 

“This significant flooding in Santa Barbara makes travel hazardous and in some cases impossible,” said DoorDash spokesperson Julian Crowley.  “To help keep our community safe, DoorDash is proactively activating its Severe Weather Protocol and suspending operations in Santa Barbara County.”

“We want to thank the affected Dashers, merchants and customers for their understanding during these incredibly difficult conditions and will resume operations when it is safe to do so,” said Crowley.


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