Deltopia 2024 Weekend Resulted in 256 Citations and 32 Arrests

Isla Vista's Deltopia Weekend 2024 resulted in 256 citations and 32 misdemeanor arrest (Photo: Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office)

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is releasing preliminary numbers related to the unsanctioned spring break event in Isla Vista known as Deltopia. The Deltopia weekend this year started on Friday, April 5, 2024, and ended on Sunday, April 7, 2024. During this time, the Sheriff’s Office and partner agencies issued 256 citations and made 32 arrests (all misdemeanors). In 2023, there were a total of 151 citations, and 23 arrests made.

Rain and wind on Friday made for a calm and relatively uneventful first day of Deltopia. The crowds were largest on Saturday and significantly higher than last year’s event. The attendees were concentrated at residences along the ocean side of Del Playa.

Isla Vista’s Deltopia Weekend 2024 resulted in 256 citations and 32 misdemeanor arrest (Photo: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office)

Attendance spiked in the early afternoon along with an increase in emergency medical calls, most of which were for acute alcohol intoxication. Law enforcement assisted fire and medics in pre-planned rescue teams, responding to calls and clearing the roadway for access to patients in the densely populated areas that were inaccessible by ambulance. Patients were taken to a pre-staged medical area to regulate flow to area hospitals.

Most residents complied with the Outdoor Festival Ordinance, however 13 citations were issued for illegal parties, in accordance with the new Social Host Ordinance where deputies encountered rooftop partygoers and noise violations. One paid party was also shut down.

Rooftop partygoers during Isla Vista’s Deltopia Weekend 2024 that resulted in 256 citations and 32 misdemeanor arrest (Photo: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office)

Deputies noted compliance from the community on maintaining smaller, free parties. There were no incidents of cliff fall or fentanyl overdose fatalities. Sheriff’s Deputies successfully thwarted an adult male in his attempt to harm himself by running off a bluff edge.

Sheriff’s detectives are following up on two separate reports of rape. These investigations are ongoing. The Sheriff’s Office is aware that survivors of sexual assault and abuse are often reluctant to come forward for many different reasons. We have many resources available regardless of your decision to participate in a criminal investigation.

Sheriff’s detectives coordinate closely with the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office, Victim-Witness Program to ensure the needs of survivors are not overshadowed by the focus on the investigation and prosecution of the accused. Victim Advocates are available to ensure that survivors are kept informed and supported throughout the criminal justice process. Survivors have the option of contacting the Victim-Witness Assistance Program directly at 805-568-2400 or toll free at 855-840-3232. The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind survivors that they can also find support services through our community partner, Standing Together to End Sexual Assault (STESA). Services offered by STESA include a confidential 24-Hour hotline, legal and medical advocacy and accompaniment, and counseling. You can reach a STESA advocate at any time by calling (805) 564-3696.

First responders at Isla Vista’s Deltoia Weekend 2024 that resulted in 256 citations and 32 misdemeanor arrest (Photo: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office)

Finally, the Sheriff’s Office wants to thank our community partners and first responders from Santa Barbara County Fire, American Medical Response, Alcoholic Beverage Control, University of California Police, the California Highway Patrol, Santa Maria Police Department, Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, and Santa Barbara County Emergency Medical Services.


Written by sbsheriff

Press releases written by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

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  1. Looks like it was a blast! Other than the possible sexual assaults, I’m glad no one was seriously injured, hurt, killed. I hope those reports are confirmed to be false, but if not, lock em up!

    It would be interesting to see a breakdown of those citations/arrests. I bet there were a ton of MIPs (minors in possession) and drunk in publics. Looks like a field day for the cops.

    Thankful our emergency responders were able to help and not deal with anything too traumatic!

  2. Aside from my first comment on this article, I don’t see a single on-topic, relevant post from anyone. Well, except BASIC who couldn’t understand what I was saying.

    Obviously some disagree, so just curious if anyone has an on topic comment? Bueller? Bueller?

  3. It’s been fun engaging in banter with people on the site–thanks to everyone who danced with me. Although I am not one of them, there are some really, really smart and accomplished people to be found here, know that I appreciate learning quite a bit. The banter of it all as gotten a bit predictable for me and not as entertaining. So, I’m out of here–I genuinely wish everyone happiness and success.

    • ALEX – aw don’t sell yourself short, you’ve provided some great commentary here, both hilarious and informative. It will be a bummer to see you go and leave me to myself to counter our vocal Con-trolls. I’ll endeavor to stop falling for the troll traps and shutting them down quickly and decisively.

      God speed!

          • LCP – I see many are upset about the back and forths and I have apologized in the past and I do so now again, as I will strive to keep the arguing to a minimum. But still, not to be rude, but your years of complaining about the frequency of my comments have become exhausting. I’m not going to stop posting comments on Edhat. Just ignore them as I ignore many comments here. You’re absolutely free to scroll past my name.

            • It’s been said before. We, I, will wait and see what happens in efforts to lessen useless argumentation. Best to all in our efforts.
              (It’s not that easy to scroll past when one wants to read other people’s comments and not miss what someone else has to say. I look for all input, but must go through the spats to see if anyone else is talking. I too miss the more communal, less argumentative days of edhat. Imagine, remember, there used to actually be photo of the day!)

              I still see the spats on edhat as “oh no, someone on the internet is wrong!” It’s pointless to argue with those set in their ways. I know that no trump supporter or most conservatives will ever have an effect on me.

              I hope all of us put our energy into what efforts we can make on the national issues of policy that are important to us. I believe in working on policy rather than personalities, such as reproductive and civil rights, but that will certainly not dissuade me from donating to Ruben Gallegos for AZ senator, for instance.

              I wish us all well, and a modicum more peace.

        • What happened in 2016 to change things? I’ve been a subscriber here since at least 2008 I think and it’s really the same stuff. Some great info, interesting takes on things, some comedy, local issues, some national politics, trolls, back and forths between people, etc.

          I do think a few are here solely to start up disputes or just post nasty, cruel or even racist and homophobic rants, but those are just a few. It IS interesting to see how many chimed in here that hardly comment otherwise. I’d like to see more than just the regular few, myself included. There’s been some really classic posters here over the years. I worry the new site format lost a few of them, as did time itself, sadly.

          Maybe we can all strive to chime in more, argue pointlessly less (yeah, that’s me and you know who and who and who….) and contribute more insight, wit, humor and hopefully overpower the hateful few who really have been dominating lately.

          I’ll do my part!

          • Good question, I should have clarified. During the 2016 presidential election, Russian trolls and other people seeking to sow division took over commenting and forums. I’m not saying that happened on edhat, but online (and offline) civility took a sharp and drastic downturn. From my perspective, Pandora’s box was reopened and we have yet to put all of this hatred back in.

            • Ah yes, good point! Yeah, there was definitely an increase on Facebook, Twitter, etc of blatantly false statements about easily verified facts and seems like LOTS more bigots coming out loud and proud. Sadly, the events of that year gave license to all the racists, homophobes and general haters who had previously shamed (and rightfully so) into silence.

  4. Wonder how much it cost taxpayers to pay for the ‘unsanctioned’ event for Santa Barbara County Fire, American Medical Response, Alcoholic Beverage Control, University of California Police, the California Highway Patrol, Santa Maria Police Department, Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, and Santa Barbara County Emergency Medical Services to be there?
    Certainly not free, and not in the budget that I can find, overtime, out-of-town providers, etc.
    How about UCSB pays for this? They have the money.

    • GOLETA – why put “unsanctioned” in quotes (should be ” not’ but whatever)? It IS unsanctioned. It has never been a sanctioned or promoted event. Problem is, it almost becomes one when UCSB and LEO publicize it to this extent each year. If they ignored it, I bet it wouldn’t be half the problem it is now. You demonize something like this and young adults/teens are going to be even more attracted to it.

      I remember being at SB High in the 90s and they would make such a drama about IV Halloween it became the forbidden fruit everyone wanted to try. Floatopia was like 15 years ago. No one in IV now was there or would have remembered it if they didn’t talk about it so much each year.

      Colleges across the country have their spring break parties. Giving them life through the months long annual public scare tactics does nothing more than promote them.

      • It is unsanctioned.
        Not demonizing anything, again the cost is now on the taxpayers.
        If UCSB want to participate in the event, they should simply own it, an pay for it.
        Having University of California Police involved shows they also feel the burden.

        • UCSB does not participate in this event other than to yes, demonize it, and encourage alternate activities. Why should they have to pay?

          And what exactly do you object to your taxes paying for? Saving lives? Investigating crimes? Providing medical attention? Arresting criminals? Preventing the event from going on later in the day or having more people in attendance?

          The cops and first responders are out there doing the jobs we pay them to do. What else do you want? Privatize security and medical services and force someone (WHO?) to pay for all that?

          It’s a massive, unorganized party. Who exactly should foot the bill for private enforcement and service?

          • Why should locals pay for this?
            I understand paying for the police and first responders doing their jobs, but my point is why does Goleta have to pay for it?
            UCSB is directly involved – and have admitted it.
            Why not just reimburse Goleta for the outstanding cost involved with the student event.
            Who should fit the bill? UCSB, again they have massive funds.

            • “UCSB is directly involved” – No, not at all. It doesn’t take place on UCSB property, no UCSB funds are used, no personnel (other than IVPD which are there for IV anyways), no nothing. Nothing.

              What bill? There is no “bill.” Everyone’s, not just Goleta locals’, taxes are used for first responders and police. That’s how taxes work. Everyone pays a little and that money gets spread out over all the services provided by our government.

              I get the whole, “not my taxes” thing, but honestly, how much, per person in all of SB county (Sheriff, etc), do you think we “paid” for this weekend’s vital services?

              That would be interesting to calculate. Is there some site or something that shows how much 1 cop or 1 firefighter costs each resident per hour in tax dollars? If not, maybe you start one! Heck, I might!

              Even if I found out I spent a dollar (or 2) on this event through my taxes, I’d be fine. This is what we pay for: police, medical, etc.

              I’d far rather my money go to keep it relatively safe for thousands of local young adults to blow off some steam like we all did in our youth, than even a penny go to special interests.

              • How much do you think it costs?
                Overtime alone will be in the tens of thousands of dollars on taxpayers dime, if not more for a three day watch.
                Closing streets to parking, beaches, enforcement, arrests, citations, this has to cost a small fortune.
                Please estimate the costs for Santa Barbara County Fire, American Medical Response, Alcoholic Beverage Control, University of California Police, the California Highway Patrol, Santa Maria Police Department, Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, and Santa Barbara County Emergency Medical Services to provide these services for three days?
                I would rather my tax dollars go to actual locals paying taxes to keep us safe, rescue operations, actual emergencies rather than a preventable waste of tax dollars, which UCSB should absorb & can certainly afford.
                There is a bill to be paid, that is not how taxes work – check your voter form.

    • FERNALD – Honestly, I think it’s because of how much it’s negatively publicized. The City and UCSB makes such a big ado about it each year, of course young folks are going to want to check it out. It’s really just a day party on the street now. Nothing special, but the hype draws in the crowds.

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