Crackdown on Thefts in Santa Barbara?

By an edhat reader

It seems like thefts have increased significantly compared to previous holiday seasons. In my neighborhood I know of at least a dozen neighbors who have either had their vehicle stolen, tools from their garage, or packages and other items from their porches.

Is the Sheriff’s Office and SB Police doing anything to prevent this or even address the issue? It seems bad this year.


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  1. Newsflash: hate to break it to y’all but Cops don’t really care about your Amazon junk that got stolen off your porch. Take away the opportunity: get a hiding spot or delivery lockbox, a camera as a deterrent, and don’t leave expensive things in plain sight. The kooks I hear complaining about this are the same ones who order tons of junk on Amazon instead of shopping local and leave it sitting in plain view on their porch almost every day. There’s an Amazon lockbox in almost every 7/11 now so you can buy disposable junk and fund Bezos space adventures to your heart’s content. Then they blame politicians for their stupidity?? Get a clue lol

  2. I highly recommend saving your money on a camera system and instead investing in a baseball bat. A swift bat to a crooks head can quickly psychologically adjust their need to be kleptomaniacs and reduce crime in your immediate area. The mail comes faster in this town than the police do, nowadays they don’t even take a crime report for theft, they direct you to a website to do their job for them. Save everyone’s time, smack a hoodrat with a bat, get your package back!

  3. They are “understaffed” because we can’t/don’t want to afford to add 1/3 more patrol officers and the 1/9 more support staff, and 1/3 more vehicles, radios, guns, flashlights, pencils, notepads, tires.
    SB City Police budget is $48,000,000 and has around 100 armed police from Captain to Rookie.
    So to put 1 police officer on the street costs us $480,000 a year each.

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