Chick-fil-A to Open on Thursday

By Max Rosenberg

Chik-Fil-A opens today [Thursday] at 2pm!

Met the owner, Travis and he said today at 2pm the store reopens if things go as planned.



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  1. To Those Who Like To Preach (not just on this thread but all over Edhat) –
    I am always amused here on Edhat about how vehemently folks like to preach to others.
    As to everyone who isn’t me – “Que sera, sera.” (What will be will be.)
    “Don’t worry, be happy.”
    Oh, and also don’t worry about what I do and don’t eat. Or whether I drive an EV or gas guzzler. Or whether I support wind farms or nuclear, etc., etc., etc…..

  2. I passed by around 8 this evening, there were 4 or 5 cars backed up onto State Street and a bicyclist swinging wide into lanes to get around them. It’s a complicated issue, CFA has certainly put in a lot of effort to remedy the problem but the problem seems to be they are too popular. Jack in the Box, a few doors down, looked like a ghost town. Maybe it was just diners who’ve missed their fast food fix catching up and it’ll settle within a week?

    • They want the line — it creates a sense of artificial scarcity and makes people want to eat there more. So it’s a balancing act between that and pissing off the city by blocking the street.
      In-N-Out uses the same strategy. “Gosh, that place always has a long line, it must be good!”

  3. Funny to see all the usuals here crying about downvotes with absolutely nothing else to add. Some people never change.
    No disrespect, ZERO, but maybe some people DV’d your comment because it was a bit, well….. snarky. I didn’t, but some may have. Personally, I think that place is nasty except for the grilled chicken nuggets are halfway decent and not too unhealthy. The rest is bland and overrated, like In N Out…….

  4. So, I guess we need a new amendment to our Constitution that states Freedom of Food Choice. I cannot believe how negative some of you readers are about a place that others love and is in their budget. If you have the $ to dine at finer facilities, good on you but judge not lest ye be judged.

  5. this is so comical. some of the posts are automatic defensive posts. Some are trying to justify their craving for fat, salt, and processed food. Hey, America is number 12 globally. In obesity.
    Chick-fil-A’s famous chicken sandwich has **55** ingredients, including MSG, Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Potassium Iodate, and Dimethylpolysiloxane.
    These additives are linked to several health risks, and some are banned or heavily restricted in other countries.

  6. This is all dancing around the basic problem, which is that drive-thrus are incredibly space inefficient. Each person in line takes up 15 feet of space. They make sense at I-5 exits in the middle of nowhere, but getting one to work in an area as dense as State Street is always going to be tough.

  7. All I can say at this moment is…..Ohhhhhh…..Emmmmm…..Geeeeeee!!!! We simply could NOT wait any longer and headed to CFA about an hour ago. There was a line, but we really didn’t have to wait very long to order and receive our “heavenly” fooooood. We ordered enough for a couple of days (we don’t mind CFA “leftovers”). Everything we ordered was cooked to perfection and we are absolutely stuffed to the gills right now. We ordered two extra-large lemonades with minimal ice, which we will use to make a few margies as soon as we feel that our arteries have cleared up (LOL!!!).
    For those concerned about the traffic congestion, I know that it can be a real problem for a few people, but nothing to warrant calls for shutting the place down. When the new CFA goes in at Calle Real/Turnpike, there will be a noticeable decrease in the amount of vehicles turning in to the State Street location. The traffic at both places will also decline when the lower Milpas location becomes operational. It will be nice to ride our e-bikes to the Milpas location, and then have our feast at East Beach….oh yeah!!! What a glorious time to be living in SB….LOL!!!

    • SacJon: Most like SB will get a third CFA, PLUS….drummmmm rollllll please….a good chance one in Goleta. Talk “around town” sez they are eyeballing the corner of Santa Felicia and Hollister (close to where the “new” IHOP is located).
      Love the Doner Kebabs and wraps, but there really is not a very large market for them, which is why you only see very small shops selling them for a few months, and then shut down. Best ones I’ve had were in Denmark and Australia (specifically in Melbourne). Locally, I don’t know, except I’ve enjoyed the kebab/wraps made in the teenie/tiny place located inside the back of Presidio Market (corner of Santa Barbara and Victoria). Actually, they were shawarmas….yum/yum.

    • ShastaGuy: I completely agree with you. No reason anyone should purchase CFA if they do not like their food or simply do not agree with the company owner’s politics. It’s the same as not buying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream because B&J refuse to return the land that their corporate headquarters is located to the people (Abenaki) it was stolen from. I’ll still buy B&J despite their politics….and that’s the way it should be!
      “Live and Let Live” is a fantasy. In reality, it is more like “Live and Let Live as long as you live the way I say/want you to live.”

    • ShastaGuy: Mondays are typically slow days for many restaurants, including CFA. We usually go on Mondays except we went there after they opened last Thursday and ordered waaaaaaaay too much food. We’ll probably go again this Thursday, so hopefully the lines won’t be too bad. Although the new Calle Real location will be further away, we plan to go there as soon as it opens as it’s easier to get on/off the freeway at Turnpike. Sometimes we go to In-and-Out, but typically do a “drive by” first to see how the lines are….if too long (say 15 cars or more), we don’t get in line to order. We much prefer CFA over I-n-O as it’s a bit healthier food (chicken vs burgers…..note: I did not say HEALTH food), plus CFA has the waffle fries and lemonade….and other things we love as well.

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