Check the Welfare of Baby Inside a Vehicle

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Baby alone in an SUV with the windows rolled up at Victoria and State Streets, the baby is crying.


Written by Roger

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  1. You need a license to scuba dive, operate a vehicle, own a business, and possess a firearm in many circumstances. Why is there no license to have and raise a child, which one could argue is more consequential than the aforementioned? Unreal. Some people have no business having children.

  2. There is no excuse leaving a baby alone in a hot cat or anywhere for that matter. That being said it is an easy mistake to make when you’ are a new parent and have a baby sleeping in the back. New parents are supposed to always put their left shoe in the back seat so they will be reminded that they are not alone

  3. Because people would never agree on what the test should be like. Fundamentalist Baptists think the questions should be very different than Wiccan same sex couples. And passing a test doesn’t necessarily mean we will be good parents. We all have driver’s licenses, but how many of us are good drivers?

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