Assault at State and La Cumbre

Santa Barbara PD and AMR responding to an assault at State Street and La Cumbre



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      • How very interesting. And yet people will defend the homeless who run amok on the streets.

        I hope the victim is ok. This will be a lifelong trauma for her. Too bad the homeless guy will get a couple months (if that) time in county jail and then no bail release just to do it again.

        Time to clean this scum off the streets for everyone’s sake. We can throw them in the backyards of people who say “homeless are people too.”

        • SBStoner doesn’t realize there are many more robberies/assaults and other violent crimes caused by those who do have a place to live – but yet pushes that far-right MAGA dehumanizing MAGA hate speech about homeless, immigrants and those with opinions they disagree with. It’s the MAGA way to scapegoat, dehumanize, subvert the constitution and ultimately kill or imprison the problem rather than govern or manage the problem.

        • Meanwhile the BOS delays again the implementation of laws, and refuses to use resources to house and treat mentally ill homeless on our streets. County Behavioral Wellness, as always, delays and undermines attempts to get it to do the work needed to deal with the problem. BW always wants more time to study, more time to survey, more time to meet with “stakeholders” and such. They are an embarrassment to those who care about our duty to our fellow human beings.

          • Ian – he thinks homeless are not people, calls them “scum.” I think we know what this genius would like to do…. oh, and all the while “defending” the constitution.

            Confused, hateful and “stoned.” What a success!

            • What he would do, is show some compassion for the mentally ill homeless and build institutions where they are fed, cleaned and medicated, instead of letting them sleep on cold sidewalks and harrass tourist and locals alike. Destroying what is left of what once was a vibrant State Street. Its the moral and common sense thing to do and very American. Nothing you would understand.

              • From

                “As the overdose crisis rages on and the pandemic-fatigued public runs low on empathy, there have been increasing calls for expanded involuntary commitment for people with substance use disorder. Some of the advocacy for more coercive treatment seems rooted in a disdain for people who use drugs, most especially when their drug use occurs visibly and in close geographic proximity to affluence, for example in San Francisco or in the Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass area of Boston which borders the wealthy South End neighborhood.

                However, many others’ support for involuntary treatment is rooted in compassion, love, and sheer desperation. In these instances, the supporters are often parents, loved ones, or beleaguered clinicians who care deeply for the well-being of individuals who use drugs and grasp at the idea of civil commitment as a necessary evil to save a life.”

                It’s quite evident which category people like you and stoner are in.

                I don’t expect you guys to read her explanation of why involuntary commitment isn’t helpful because a) you don’t care and b) it’s written by and for “smarty pants”.

              • The person who called them scum and freeloading vagrants would show some compassion for them and build them institutions? What, with his bare hands? When is he going start? And welfare state supporting liberals don’t understand such things? And you’re making this claim while making it evident that your actual motivation is not compassion for them but your interest in the quality of State Street?

                Here’s the thing about right wingers … they are deeply fundamentally dishonest to the bone, they are hateful bigoted sociopaths, and they are despicable, deplorable, and dumb enough to think that anyone buys their transparently dishonest and childish arguments … like mocking educated people by calling them “smartypants” … I last heard that in high school when I was mocked by similar lowlifes for being on the chess and math teams. Imagine the sort of person who, searching for a comeback, landed on that one.

              • Exactly, Chalf.

                There is a difference but the leftists will view forced rehabilitation as something akin to the camps in Germany and will violently and rudely oppose any suggestion that doesn’t include giving the homeless free range to do as they please.

                • You mean all the liberals and Dems who voted for the CA liberal government? Who passed and signed this legislation?
                  I support it.

                  “Gov. Gavin Newsom today announced he signed the first of a series of bills that aim to transform California’s mental health system. Depending on who you ask, this transformation represents a long overdue humanitarian response— or a worrisome step backward on civil liberties.

                  Today’s signature loosens long-standing rules about who is eligible for involuntary treatment under the half century-old Lanterman-Petris-Short Act, the landmark mental health law that regulates involuntary civil commitment in the state. Advocates and county leaders expect the new legislation to lead to more people being placed in treatment facilities against their will.”

                    • Huh? Can you try that again? Not even sure what that sentence is supposed to mean.

                      The 2A isn’t being violated and has nothing to do with forcing the homeless into rehabilitation, which is unconstitutional.

                      Are you saying Americans would support that? Never. Forcing groups of people into any institutional detention is absolutely contrary to our ideals of freedom. It’s literally Anti-American.

                      Then again, I’m really not sure what you’re trying to say so……

            • Sac, you can’t even understand the constitution so I’d suggest you stop bringing it up.

              Yeah, I would 100% support kicking out the freeloading vagrants who have a tendency to harass and attack people, steal and start fires

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