American Graffiti Re-Release Showing?

By an edhat reader

I am of the age group that enjoyed “American Graffiti” back in 1973! I’ve discovered recently that it will be released for a short 2 day (8/27 and 8/30) to celebrate the 50th year.

Searching the web, I have found it will only play in the Cinemark theaters, and so far I only find them in Ventura/Oxnard. Is there any theater in Santa Barbara or Goleta joining in this nostalgia? Not enough interest here? Maybe I need a better web search person! In any case, if you are also one to enjoy, at least the option down South is available! Looking forward to it!

What do you think?


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  1. On Wednesday, August – in Santa Maria – a much easier drive than driving south to Ventura.
    Loved, loved American Graffiti – spent all that summer at the movies seeing this – movies were very inexpensive, and as we girls were well behaved, the employees just let us stay for most of the day – kept sitting in the theatre for hours. I feel as if this played at the Arlington? This movie had the best music!

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