2019 March Edness Winners Announced

2019 March Edness Winners Announced title=
2019 March Edness Winners Announced
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By edhat staff

It was a tough and arduous battle, but the final winners of the 2019 March Edness game are being revealed. 

Our annual photo hunting game is fun and highly competitive while questioning how well you know your local area. Or just how well you remember details about your surroundings. After 20 days and numerous hours of hunting in person and on Google maps, our edhat players are now being honored. 

Our first place prize goes to the only player who received a perfect score this year with a 50 point total. Congratulations Britt!

We had a three-way tie for second place between Penelope805, mfitch54, and Rone who all scored 46 points. On Monday, these three players were embroiled in a tough lighting round March Edness game where they had to identify 5 secret locations within Santa Barbara County in 8 hours. 

Coming in at 2nd place is the player who identified all 5 locations correctly, Penelope805. Coming in at 3rd place is the player who identified 4/5 locations correctly, Rone. With a correct number of 3/5, mfitch54 comes in at 4th place. Congratulations to you all!

Honorable mentions also go out to holazola (42 points), macpuzl (34 points), Camster (31 points), Cones (30 points), kcottrell (30 points), geckogirl (25 points), HDB (24 points), LisaD (24 points), and RexofSb (22 points).

Now it's time to party!

Join the edhat team, March Edness winners and players, and community members to our free event celebrating edhat's 15th birthday. March Edness winners will receive their prizes and be honored at the event. We've also partnered with Spark Rescue, a local volunteer-based animal rescue, who will bring a few special furry guests in need of homes. We'll also be hosting a cash raffle to win prizes to a variety of local businesses with a percentage of proceeds going towards Spark Rescue. Read more about edhat's birthday party here.

In case you're curious, below are the 5 locations and their answers used for the tie-breaker:

Gray Space or Gone Gallery at 219 Gray Ave in the Funk Zone

Stained glass on Madam Rosinka's shop on Stearn's Wharf

Wave tile mosaic on the top of Chase Bank's building at 901 Embarcadero del Norte in Isla Vista

"Fields of Gold" mural on the side of Ocean Sports Scuba at 117 1/2 South H Street in Lompoc

A statue titled "Emergence" inside the healing gardens outside Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital at the corner of W. Pueblo Street and Oak Park Lane.

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mfitch54 Apr 02, 2019 04:10 PM
2019 March Edness Winners Announced

Congratulations Penelope805!!! What a game! I hope you come to the party.
Congratulations to Rone as well. See you all soon!

Penelope805 Apr 02, 2019 04:25 PM
2019 March Edness Winners Announced

Thanks for another great year, Ed! Congratulations are in order for everyone this year, some of those were seriously tough. Time to start training for next year...we're coming for you, Britt! :)

Flicka Apr 02, 2019 04:40 PM
2019 March Edness Winners Announced

Wow, Britt, perfect score. Congratulations to all of the top winners. Penolope805, I was rooting for you, glad you made second.

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