What Would Fire Evacuations Look Like During COVID-19?

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By an edhat reader

For people who are choosing to stay in their homes during the pandemic, how are you thinking about safety if there’s a mandatory evacuation for wildfire?

Is anyone rethinking evacuations for wildfires during this time of coronavirus?  How will Red Cross be prepared for safety?  What are hotels doing to keep rooms disinfected.  What about RVs, will they be available to rent?

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ParvoPup Jul 20, 2020 09:05 PM
What Would Fire Evacuations Look Like During COVID-19?

The real question to be asked is how does CalFire, USFS and the Locals FDs fight a fire while still maintaining social distancing?

As it stands today, CalFire plans on using small squads or pods to limit Covid exposure. So no more hundreds of firefighters shoulder-to-shoulder digging fire lines with their Pulaski tools. Instead, there will be small 10 person pods trying to do the work of a hundred people.

Pray that California has enough budget money left to buy more water dropping helos and retardant dumping 747s.

Always_Running Jul 20, 2020 06:52 PM
What Would Fire Evacuations Look Like During COVID-19?

After the fire in Malibu I’ve questioned the possibility of evacuating north vs south and which option is safer. When your at a Red Cross shelter your not required to sleep indoor. Yes they have cots, food and it’s protected from ash falling, but you may sleep in your car or RV and use their parking lot as a safe place to sleep. Their are companies that make car air mattresses when filled contour to your car. Bring a pop up tent to protect from ash & smoke. Other possibilities are to make a plan with a friend or co-worker west of the 101. Use their extra room, set up your tent in the driveway/ backyard/ garage.

RHS Jul 20, 2020 06:19 PM
What Would Fire Evacuations Look Like During COVID-19?

What about what we do in case of earthquake? Nuclear attack? Tsunami? What a silly thing to post. Do you simply sit awake at night thinking about worse case scenarios or do you spend time actually attending to the known dangers we face.

Yeti Jul 20, 2020 03:24 PM
What Would Fire Evacuations Look Like During COVID-19?

This is getting quite ridiculous. Instead of taking the role of the media and sowing the seeds of fear, why not empower people and encourage them to become self sufficient. Maybe they can do what they always should have done in regards to setting up a stash of emergency supplies at their home: Food, water, tent, sleeping bags, camp stove, single malt..etc. Treat it like earthquake preparation. Be able to survive for two weeks on your own without any restocking of supplies. Be Prepared! This is a more powerful message. Definitely more useful in the grand scheme of things.

a-1595283165 Jul 20, 2020 03:12 PM
What Would Fire Evacuations Look Like During COVID-19?

People in the path of a wildfire need to evacuate. If my choice is getting trapped in a fire ( which I’ve already experienced) or risking exposure to Covid by going to a hotel, friends house or a shelter I’ll risk getting Covid. People in high fire hazard areas need to be planning far ahead for the chance this may happen. Local law enforcement and firefighters need to let people back into their homes as soon as the immediate danger has passed. Other jurisdictions allow residents back in much faster than SB. This is what keeps people from leaving in the first place. When you can not access your home for days because of equipment or mop up it is frustrating. Now with Covid danger they really have to get people back home quickly. Red Cross has stayed in a PSA they will set up shelters and follow Covid protocol.

pkww Jul 20, 2020 04:12 PM
What Would Fire Evacuations Look Like During COVID-19?

This question is too specific to answer broadly for the community. If you don't have a vehicle, you should have a meeting with your family/housemates/neighbors and create a clear-cut plan for an emergency exit strategy. If you haven't had that meeting, have it tomorrow. Using an on-demand ridesharing service like Uber is NOT a plan.

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