What Happened to the Discovery Princess Cruise Ship Leaving Early?

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I heard on the news this morning that the last cruise ship of the year is in. I’m curious about the second to last, the Discovery Princess.

It pulled into Santa Barbara on Wednesday morning 11/8 at about 6 am. It pulled out of Santa Barbara at about 7 am. Something went wrong that the ship did not stay as scheduled.

Any idea why?


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  1. Glad they left early – flushing too many turds in the harbor and just buying trinkets from overseas when they would have landed on shore while ignoring our ecosystem. I like some tourism – but F having these boat loads of kooks making our city unavailable for those that actually live here. Close all the shops on State as far as I’m concerned – State Street is the perfect portrait of end-stage capitalism.

    • Kooks? End stage capitalism? Your not a very happy individual, are you? You live in a city where people pay thousands of dollars just to come here. RELAX and go yell at the kids to get off your lawn if it makes you feel better.

        • SBTONER – What’s with you constantly bashing people about being “low income” or whatever when you say those things? You’ve done it multiple times recently. You thought I was from Sacramento and teased me about being poor, now you’re doing it to GT? Does it make you feel better about yourself to talk like that? Honestly curious.

            • “Sac – Only low income people whine and moan about things being unfair and “equality for all.” – well that’s just a lie. How many far left billionaires out there are pushing for “equality for all?” I mean, dang man, that’s absolutely just wrong.

              Ok, so I guess the answer is, you’re just a crummy person to make assumptions about people’s financial situations and to make fun of those here who might be on the lower income end. Basically, you’re just a jerk. No?

          • And the whole “you aren’t from Santa Barbara” thing your buddy GT is on about speaks to the attitudes of people who weren’t born here. Residents of Santa Barbara who were born here are a lot less liberal than the “move ins” might think.

          • Sac, he’s a transplanted 1%er guys like you and I that work our tails off, are very different from guys like him. He’s also delusional. At best. I’m low income, work 50 hours a week, raise two kids and mentor two other needy kids and 4 dogs. I only make $58k a year, poor AF. Also, so what if you are from Sactown, nothing wrong with that at all. My drummer is from Sac and drives down every weekend. My guitarist is in Grass Valley and also drives down every weekend for rehearsal. Nor Cal is a wonderful place.

      • no, GT is 100% correct in this statement and it’s shared by MANY of us that live down here. I personally engage the passengers to find out what they plan to do in town. “Walk around then go back to the ship and eat and drink” is about 75% of what i hear. They are not shopping, dining or drinking. The money made by the ships isn’t made by the passengers spending their money here, it’s made by the cruise line paying the city $500,000 each time they call to SB harbor. This is only about $$. Yes it’s also end stage capitolism. I guess that anyone who doesn’t agree with your weak image of this situation, is not happy? I’m happy AF! 🙂 Just because others want to come here and see SB, doesn’t mean us as citizens have to put up with cruise ships. Take a train. Drive/rent a car, fly into SBA.

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