Western Bluebird Restaurant

By Chuck Cagara

In my earlier post titled ‘Western Bluebirds House Hunting‘ I made reference to a caged bluebird feeder.  Well here it is.

The bluebird pair did not select our grand “apartment” as they were usurped in occupancy by a pair of Titmice.  Drat!  However, we can hope they may still come around to use the bird baths and would then find a plentiful supply of live mealworms (their main food of choice.)

Here the bluebird feeder is being used by a California Brown Towhee which has entered through the open roof.  We leave the roof open until bluebirds spy the worms from above, then close it off to keep the larger birds from exhausting the tasty morsels. 

The bluebirds will quickly get used to the feeder and enter directly through the mesh or use the traditional holes on either end.

So, come on in little bluebirds – the restaurant is now open!

For reference, here is another photo from a different location several years ago showing the mating bluebird pair dining.


Written by Curmudgeon

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