Video of Canada Geese Family Safely Crossing the Street

Canadian Geese and their goslings crossing the street by East Beach in Santa Barbara (Video by Emily Lacey-Gordon)

Edhat reader Emily Lacey-Gordon captured an adorable video of a family of Canada Geese crossing the street in Santa Barbara on Monday morning.

The parents and their five goslings carefully walked from East Beach to the Bird Refuge.

Here are some fun facts about Canada Geese, they are known for flying in a distinctive V-formation and are the largest geese in the world. Most adults weigh between five and 14 pounds, with some weighing up to 20 pounds.

Their name states the obvious, these geese are native to Canada but can be found in all kinds of water all across North America. Some populations have become resident in urban areas, and are now coming into conflict with people. Mated pairs can be together as long as 20 years and the male is a fierce defender of his mate and offspring, and will charge any suspected enemy, even one as large as an elk.

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    • Very enjoyable!

      Point of reference: These geese are “Branta canadensis.” Thus, they are specifically “Canada Geese.”

      “The Latin name is the same around the world for that bird. Canada goose is the common name for the species Branta canadensis. So, it is correct to call this bird “Canada goose” and not correct to call it “Canadian goose.” A Canadian goose could be any goose from Canada.”

  1. While visiting Banff last summer we were amazed to see NO Canada Geese on the Banff Springs Hotel or Lake Louise golf courses. Not a one. As soon as we crossed the border into the states at the Idaho border, every single golf course was full of them. Different grass used on the courses? Who knows. Was just something we observed is all.

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