Victim Names Released in Triple Fatal Vehicle Collision at UCSB’s Campus

Update by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office
May 31, 2022

The Coroner’s Bureau is releasing the names of the decedents from the vehicle accident on May 28, 2022, on Stadium Road and El Colegio Road on UCSB campus.

The decedents are 28-year-old Jose Luis Hernandez of Santa Barbara, 20-year-old Sebastian Gil of Santa Barbara, and 20-year-old Daniel Razo of Yorba Linda.

Update by the edhat staff
7:12 p.m., May 28, 2022

Three people have died with five more injured following a multi-vehicle traffic collision just outside UC Santa Barbara’s campus.

At 6:21 p.m., Santa Barbara County Firefighters responded to the intersection of El Colegio and Stadium Road with three engines, one truck, one ambulance, and a Battalion Chief, said SBC Fire Captain Daniel Bertucelli.

Heavy extrication was required to reach the patients. Three people died, two people sustained critical injuries, and three people sustained moderate injuries. 

Three cars were reportedly involved and it’s reported by California Highway Patrol that one vehicle recklessly drove through a red light and another vehicle collided with a tree, although specific details have yet to be released.

The incident is under investigation by law enforcement. Traffic restrictions are in the area.

Reported by Tagdes

Multi Fatal Traffic Collision at Stadium RD and El Collegio Rd.

By JB86

Jus after 5:00 pm, At Stadium and El Collegio, 3 possible 11-44s, A vehicle was reported to have run a red light, resulting in a three car TC with passenger ejections. 

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  1. Racers use this straight away for hitting top speed but anyone who has driven this part of the road knows these are the worst roads around. Pot holes the size of sink holes. Hitting a pot hole at excessive speeds easily could have caused this. This is also within 100 yards of where a young man crashed his motorcycle 3-4 years ago into the bus stop. Young kids + fast vehicles + horrendous road conditions are a recipe for disaster.

  2. A purported eyewitness account is in the comments section of the Daily Nexus’ story. Most of the conjecture here on Edhat is *inconsistent* with that account. Tread carefully, there are relatives posting @Daily Nexus.

  3. UC need to ban students from owning assault cars..
    Or limit students to cars with 100 hp. This never happened in VW Bug days when
    they had 45 hp engines.
    But it should be easy to require students to take a Car Driving course. ie Dumb Bell
    Drivers Ed?
    Or ban cars from Campus and IV. Park and ride bikes? Take the bus.
    ie “Rapid” Transit?
    And at least fix the pot holes. Should be a POT HOLE HOTLINE number.
    But perhaps they need to use more Roundabouts. Traffic Circles. Cities like LB
    even have them in old neighborhoods. Imagine SB with no 4 way stops!! Just plant
    a tree in center of intersections.
    Name them after victims of city planners.

  4. do yourself a favor, from someone who reconstructed accidents for a living. dont make assumptions without actually seeing the scene. And honestly, you dont want these nightmares trying to “ponder’ what happened

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