Senior Prank Busted at Santa Barbara High

Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

On May 30, 2022, around 10:30 pm, several concerned community members called the Santa Barbara Police Combined Communications Center to report they heard loud, unusual noises, and breaking glass coming from Santa Barbara High School property.

Several Officers responded to the High School to investigate the reported suspicious activity. When Officers arrived on scene, approximately 50-60 high school aged individuals fled the high school’s main building and ran towards East Canon Perdido Street. Officers were able to detain 16 individuals and determined they were Santa Barbara High School students.

It appears upon further investigation a large number of students were attempting to perform a “Senior Prank” that involved gallons of baby oil, Vaseline, raw fish, and oysters being placed all over the floors and door handles. Toilet paper and streamers were strewn in trees on the exterior of the school property. It was also discovered there were numerous items of vandalized property inside the school, to include broken windows and items spray painted. Officers are still determining how the students accessed the interior of the building.

The Santa Barbara High School principal was notified and responded to the school. This incident is currently under police investigation.

The total amount of damage and clean-up costs have yet to be determined. No other information about this investigation is available currently.


Written by SBPD

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  1. Yea that was stupid and they got caught. I don’t know if any of these Commenters really went to SB High like I and my Dad and Granddad did, but every year that I can remember, someone, not me, vandalized the Cow at the McConnels tower! That was a SB High tradition!

  2. 50-60 kids? Geez, that’s mob!
    Vandalism is way too far for a prank of course, but let’s not lose track of the fact that these are kids trying to celebrate and participate in a tradition of ritualized non-compliance… a group-think scenario with predictable inaninty.
    I think we should pardon each and every one of them… on the condition that they do two weeks of intensive Latin grammar at summer school and pass daily quizzes. That’ll show em!

  3. “Yea that was stupid”
    It was worse than that–it was destructive and immoral.
    “and they got caught”
    Only a few of them. And I get the feeling that you think the stupid part was getting caught.
    ‘As my 15 year old daughter would say, “Whatever”!’
    Ah yes, modeling yourself after an immature person with a partially formed brain.

  4. BABY – you say all of Coastal CA is a giant mess. Is SB a mess? How about Monterey? San Diego? Malibu? Morro Bay? What exactly do you think is a “mess?” Seems like we still live in the most beautiful and desirable places on earth. San Francisco is just a small fraction of our state.

  5. Jak, less than a week ago in West Virginia a lady legally carrying a handgun for her own protection, shot and killed someone attempting a mass shooting using an AR-15 (which as a felon he was not legally allowed to own or possess). Of course that doesn’t fit the MSM narrative of guns are always bad so little to no news coverage. __

  6. How often do you think NRA members take actions that create a society awash in lethal weapons? Greg Abbott signed into law 7 bills that made it easier to obtain these weapons, removing permit requirements and lowering the age to purchase them from 21 to 18. The Uvalde shooter bought two AR-15s shortly after his 18th birthday.
    Right wingers, through their dishonesty, willful ignorance, orientation towards violence, and lack of concern have blood on their hands.

  7. “In the world I live in”
    A world of ideology-driven cherry picking, confirmation bias, selective perception, and outright lying. It’s the world of someone who is fundamentally irredeemably dishonest.

  8. MarcelK: My guess is that you’d agree that the pranksters do not deserve jail time. I can see community service AND payment for any damages related to the prank. No need for the negativity…time to reinforce positive behavior. We can all chip in to make the world a better place, and the hate mongering of those that you disagree with does NOT work….in ANY world.

  9. Simple prank…nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes things get broken or “tagged” during these pranks, and yes, whoever is determined to be responsible needs to pay to have the mess cleaned up and for anything that was broken. This is just one result when our kids are raised and taught by the school system that they are underserved, marginalized, and unwanted by society, and therefore, won’t be held accountable. The whole state of California, at least the coastal areas, are one big Giang F-in mess. One of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, San Francisco, is now a decaying toilet. Prank? I think so, but let the courts decide now. My guess is that when all is said and done, we can all have a good laugh (“Remember back in ’22 when we tossed the oysters and baby oil at SBHS? Oh yeah!”).

  10. The world I live in is about to enter (or have we already entered?) WWIII. Climate change being dismissed as junk science. School children being blown away by the NRA on a daily basis. Energy prices causing people to choose between food/medicine and gasoline to get to work. Majority of US cities violently crumbling. Health-care costs off the charts. Mental health for all in decline. I suppose some of us would call it the real world.
    Who is worried about a few oysters strewn about? Well, it seems it’s hose who have nothing else to worry about and welcome meltdowns and finger point and blame the “other” guy and never accept responsibility and like to humiliate others and on and on and on. Nothing positive to say. I don’t live in that world where negativity thrives. I simply live my life, let others live theirs, and focus on my music/art/creativity.

  11. In the world I live in climate change is not junk science – climate apocalypse is, no NRA member has ever committed a mass shooting let alone in a school, spiking energy prices are a direct result of limiting/shutting down/impeding domestic energy production, major cities are violently crumbling due to the soft on crime policies those cities political leaders choose to enact and the hands off approach to homelessness and drug abuse, health care costs are off the charts due to the medical industrial complex of for-profit medicine (both Big Pharma and Insurance) owning both political parties, and mental health is declining due disastrous covid policies and social media leading to reduced personal interactions.

  12. How often do you think NRA members shoot children in school? Daily? Come on. As far as I can tell, it’s never happened in the history of the organization. Only one time when an NRA member was involved in a mass shooting that I can find reference to is a few years back when an NRA member shot and killed a mass shooter at a church. Somewhat ironically with an AR-15. Much was made in some circles that Timothy mcVeigh had at one time been an NRA member. But he’s dead and good riddance so can’t exactly write him and ask.

  13. JAK Your comment, “how often do you think NRA members shoot children in schools” is contemptible. NRA members pay dues that are then given in blood money campaign donations to Republicans who block the passage of gun safety laws that the majority of Americans want. Shame on you.

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