Veterans Day Parade and Parachute Jump

By Robert Bernstein

Veterans Day was celebrated on Saturday in Santa Barbara with a parade down State Street, along Cabrillo Boulevard and ending at the Carriage Museum.

Then there was a four-man parachute jump with a large American flag, landing on the ball field in front of the Carriage Museum!

Here are all of my photos and a video!

Here are a few photos of the parade along Cabrillo Boulevard

Santa Barbara Police Chief Lori Luhnow joined the parade

There were pin-up girls, too

A parade of vintage Fords

A lot of veterans on motorcycles

And a “Huey” helicopter

Here are the rest of my parade photos.

Then came the amazing parachute jump!

Here is a photo of the final parachute jumper with the flag just before landing

Here are individual image frames from the video! Starting with the jumpers as tiny specks jumping from the plane.

Through a spectacular five minute flight

All the way to the perfect landing! 


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