Ventura Holidays In Your Car Light Show

By Robert Bernstein

Ventura Holidays In Your Car Light Show is a chance to enjoy this winter festival of the lights with a million LEDs while staying COVID safe!

Here are my photos and a long video of the experience!

The event fills much of the Ventura County Fairgrounds as it winds its way through buildings and around the grounds. We arrived at 5:15PM for our 5:30PM ticket time. It was good to arrive while there was still a slight sunset glow in the sky and others seemed to have the same idea.

There is a speed limit of 5MPH but it is OK to slow down. In most places it is easy for people to pass each other if needed. Mostly the cars move at a pace that allows good viewing with no conflict.

The experience began with a dazzling laser light show.

Most of the experience consists of strings of colorful lights forming elements of familiar stories or symbols of childhood.

Fairy Tale Lane had displays from childhood fairy tales. Including the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe:

The story of the wolf and the Three Little Pigs:

And Sleeping Beauty

There was a section that included various vehicles like trains, motorcycles and bicycles with spinning wheels.

These girls preferred to ride on horses.

Candy World had a variety of confections represented.
Later came a representation of the entire Twelve Days of Christmas song. Including this one of the Ten Lords a Leaping.

Near the end of the experience was another cavernous building with ever-changing activity on multiple screens.

Here is our complete video of our experience. It is a bit jumpy as we passed the camera back and forth.


At the start of the show we were told it was OK to come back through a second time. It was not clear how that could be done. But after almost a half hour in the experience we felt satisfied and were ready to head downtown for dinner!

Ventura has closed Main Street near City Hall for several blocks, similar to how State Street is closed in Santa Barbara. Here are my photos in that area.

We strolled the length of the promenade after Merlie paused for a photo-op at the big Christmas tree near City Hall.

This family was enjoying the stroll as well.

We ended up at Lure Restaurant where we had their delicious Trout Almondine

This vintage window sign said it well: Wish you were here in Ventura!

Here is the web site to get more information and tickets for this event that continues through January 2.


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