Valentine's Day Poems

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Don't want to go gift shopping for crummy diamonds or slop down your usual romantic dinner this Valentine's Day? For this Valentine's day, write a poem to your loved one and show them you've shared it with the world. What better way to express your feelings AND work on your rhyming skills 'n chill?

You might write an, "In loving memory of..."

You can even write something a la 'missed connections', "Stella! Stella! Wherefore art thou, Stella?"

And at midnight on Valentine's day's night, the Fairies of Love will grant the greatest poet the heart of their beloved.  

Here's what I came up with:

-- dedicated to my muse --

If you were but a half-rhyme so very sublime

I’d be a poem one couplet short of its line

Or is it a rhyme without a doublet to couplet?

After all, a poem is a home for a rhyme romantically inclined

In my home of a poem for your rhyme that has roamed, yours intertwines with mine

Coupletted about that time I nubletted your earlobe, whisperin’, “Oh baby, oh baby, yeah!”

Remember that time? 

Neither do I, but it makes a nice rhyme

And the thought is so very sublime


If any other edhatters are poets, share your poems in the comment section!

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NostraChumash Feb 14, 2021 10:25 AM
Valentine's Day Poems

"The lonely Heart makes 2 beats:
Lub-dub, Lub-dub..
While 2 Hearts in Love, make only 1"..

Ghostdancer Feb 14, 2021 05:15 PM
Valentine's Day Poems

If I was your shoe, the first thing I would do
Is find out left or right, which was true
If I was the left, I know I’d still be right — right for loving you
Even if you do, on occasion step in doggie-doo

If I was a pleat, along your thigh so true
I’d keeping you looking neat
In a style so complete
Even snobs would think it new

And if I was a cinch, a cinch around your waist
A cinch it’d be to waste my days
Placed in your embrace

If I was a locket, laid upon your breast
I’d be the man inside, a gift at your behest

How my heart would sing with joy whenever you got dressed!

Ghostdancer Feb 14, 2021 06:54 PM
Valentine's Day Poems

Forever the world, forever it tries
To gather a contest, the Contest of Sighs
To coldly weigh Lothario’s part
Against mad Cupid’s random dart

On my head the crown of victory it lies
My heart won fairly, true and from the start
I’ve died and sighed ten thousand times
The moment your gaze beguiled my heart

Ghostdancer Feb 18, 2021 04:56 PM
Valentine's Day Poems

Here's another one I wrote after I saw my muse walk by when I was sitting at a café.

--dedicated to my muse--

She’s a rhythmic song
Prancing right along

She flows on her toes
But how? No one knows

Her tail and her nose she holds up proud
As she struts on past the staring crowd

Through miles of trials and still, what smiles!
What a magnetizin’ beauty! What a magical cutey!

Dancing through life with love in her arms
Romancing the world with all of her charms

She’s got the most mesmeric purr you ever heard
Soft and demure it thrills when it occurs
But blink and she’s blurred

Lost in the crowds
Lost in the clouds

And for cryin’ out loud
Lost in my heart

Ghostdancer Feb 19, 2021 01:58 PM
Valentine's Day Poems

Must I surrender to the solitary doom of unrequited love?
Oh, anguished bliss, let me perish. I’m famished for your gaze!
I die without a kind glance from you. Yet courage flutters — then flies away.
To live in a world without you is to wade against a tide of idiots day after day.
You’re Pepto-Bismal for my soul, baby.

-- dedicated to my muse --

Ghostdancer Feb 20, 2021 12:44 PM
Valentine's Day Poems

I search for you bronze and so beautiful
And only find faces so fair and unfruitable

So I see only the woman, the woman not there
For she isn’t here, but somewhere out there

Hotties around me abound me I really don’t care
I search and I search for the one who’s not there

I’m surrounded by stallions, yet never my mare
They can go geld themselves for that all I care

Even my dreams she has left – she is no longer there
But forever yon yonder, forever somewhere

Not here
Not there
Not next to me
For I’m X’d, you see
But somewhere out there

So I live in a “here” and she lives in a “there”
If I found her some day
She’d just move away
All the way over there

Do I call out to her?
Do I, do I really dare?
“Hey you, you over there,
I really, really, really do care!”

But she is not there

Ghostdancer Feb 24, 2021 08:18 PM
Valentine's Day Poems

Diamond smiles has she

I'll be the tide that bathes your golden shore
I'll be the stride that carries you to my door

I'll be the large flow toilet and not a tiny blusher
So that you'll never have another double flusher

I'll kneel and pine before your temple, surely
And shoo away pests that cling so grim and surly

Forever I'll carry your bronze-lit torch
and when my arms are hurt, burnt and scorched
I'll carry that torch between my knees
Without complaint and without a please

Your name repeats itself upon trembling lips
Your eyes intoxicate with every look and sip

I'll play the fool and I'll act the clown
I'll be your salsa when the chips are down

My heart will always be the keeper of your diamond smiles

--dedicated to my Muse--

That one came out easy. I just wrote it, in a matter of minutes. I particularly felt inspired when writing the toilet couplet. It just flowed out of me.

Ghostdancer Feb 25, 2021 04:57 PM
Valentine's Day Poems

An offer of friendship poem for Valentine's. We all love our friends right? The person rejected it without seeing it, and since no one will ever read it, I thought I'd post it here, with the name changed.

Natural History
A poem of friendship

It’s no mystery actual factual natural history
Is to me what it is to you…
More than just a zoo!

So come hear the tale of the spider the snail and the starlin’
Come hear the tale of the bug huggin’ hero named Dina so darlin’

The Lord did ignore even the smallest of all, proclaimed Mr. Darwin
So the teeniest “twos” were too tiny to tally — leaving Noah to shrug
And most of the hosts to drown in the flood!

But betwixt the Beginnin’ and up to the Enda
A defenda named Dina arose inbetweena
Ensuring the creatures were lovingly nourished
So that in time, they boldly re-flourished!

Dina then said, “All pesties are besties
so don’t get your testes in a twist
or us entomologists will surely get pissed!
You see, bugs are not pests,
not pests at all if you pleases,
they’re simply our neighbors with much longer leases.”
And around the world she went, giving such beautiful speeches!

Then the world got old and the world got mossy
And throughout it all, she’d been the bugs’ bossy
A hero is she, that is Dina, you see —
With this tale to be told ‘til time no longer “times”,
But instead becomes long hand division, at which point everyone just gives up,
And Dina takes rest in a beautiful beehive in a basement in Budapest! No jest!

But please, oh please, tell her the following when you’ve seena’...
The itty-bitty things, we all still need you, Dina!
Even my heart, so small as it is
Shrunk by neglect to the size of a fiz
Yet one hug from you, or possibly two
And my heart would enlarge so huggily happily huge!

Ghostdancer Mar 02, 2021 04:48 PM
Valentine's Day Poems

Love stands through all of time

When the strands of Time begin to fray
And it all begins to float away
When the stars themselves they spin away
And Night gives birth to the very last Day
When the gods themselves have gone insane
My love for you will still remain

Ghostdancer Mar 04, 2021 11:37 AM
Valentine's Day Poems

What makes it all worth it

When my time it comes, as it surely will, I am to be asked but a single question as I stand in judgement before my demon-tormentor:

"O stubborn mortal-no-more, I have crushed you with suffering, pain, loneliness and betrayal.
Those professing love for you walked away in your times of need.
Those you loved turned their backs upon you again and again.
Yet you appear before me unbroken. Without love, without friendship, still unbroken.
Endlessly you endured, for one smile, for her smile. Was it worth a life of suffering?"


A little vixen stole my heart and she won’t give it back — I wouldn’t take it if she tried.
Wherever she wanders, wherever she walks, hear the hearts breaking ‘neath her dainty feet.
Crunch, Crunch, Crunch...

This thought came to me when I was sitting in the dentist's chair this morning. (dentist = demon)
I kept asking myself, "Is this worth it? Is it really worth the pain? If so, what makes it all worth it?"
This was my answer to myself, flowered up a little.

Ghostdancer Mar 06, 2021 12:12 PM
Valentine's Day Poems

How do I read music?

This love poem came to me at an Italian café. As my mind wandered I pondered the influence of Italian opera in musical notation, and the thought of a composer unable to learn the Italian.
It still needs work, but it came to me all at once. I wrote it on a bookmark. See, I'm just like Mozart, without any talent.
Uggh, now I have that melody in my head! It'll be there forever. It has been there forever.
I think they play it for newborn babies. Maurice must still be getting royalties.

There once was a composer
Who required a transposer

The squiggly lines he'd read, but the words he didn't know
And so quickly he become allergic to alleg-ree-oh

Slowly in time, he could compose in adagio
For which he received so little formaggio

After a lifetime of toil
He became the Queen's Royal

He took it quite slow, he took it quite steady
While the orchestra sat, at ever the ready

And still he knew no Italian
So they revoked his medallion

But he stayed the slow course
which backed the right horse

When he loved a Spanish beauty
He said to hell with his duty

When his heart finally unfrazzled
His composing confusion unRaveled

Now his musical genius, forever it flows
Composing again and again, scores and scores of boler-ee-oos!


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