Two Men Arrested in Downtown Santa Barbara Stabbing

Santa Barbara Police have arrested two men for stabbing another man in downtown Santa Barbara on Tuesday evening.

Jesse Andrew Mendoza, 18 of Santa Barbara, and Matthew Mendoza-Bimbela, 24 of Santa Barbara, were arrested for stabbing an adult male.

Around 8:45 p.m. Santa Barbara Police Officers responded to the 500 block of Fig Avenue, the small side street off State Street between W. Haley and W. Cota Streets.

Initial reports indicate the three men knew each other and were involved in a verbal argument that escalated when one of the suspects reportedly stabbed the victim multiple times.

The victim has yet to be identified but was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital by a ground ambulance.

Mendoza and Mendoza-Bimbela were arrested about two hours later a few blocks from the incident and were booked into County Jail with a $1 million bail.

Both were booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail, with bail set at $1 million, Ragsdale said.

On Thursday, Mendoza was charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and two enhancements. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 14.

Charges against Mendoza-Bimbela were unable to be found through court records.

This is a developing story.

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    • Bike,
      Yes, I qualified as “Expert “ myself while at Ft. Leonard Wood. Yes, I’ve been to the “Glass Factory “ many times, yes, there are many idiots there which is why I avoid it now and prefer Winchester Gun Club.
      Yes, I agree much extensive training is needed before carrying. Sad to say these times may require the use of firearms to protect one’s self.
      The inner cities have become hell holes and police are overwhelmed.
      As to your last comment, the Border is not “My” issue, it’s “Our” issue, just ask law abiding folks who live next to the border.

      • sbTEJANO – thanks for the reply, I’m glad we agree on my main point “introducing a firearm to a non-firearm situation will never “Improve the outcome”…”. I felt that it was appropriate to comment on what you said: “The inner cities have become hell holes and police are overwhelmed.” so you’re referencing Goleta/SB/Summerland/Carp(?) I can see where Montecito would fit that description with all those types of people, but if you mean like Chicago/Hammond/Kiev then it sort of doesn’t really apply to this Stabbing in Santa Barbara? I was hoping I made it evident that my main objection was the ”conceal and carry” part of your original post. I’m attempting to take the “High Road” (as they say) and not discredit/disrespect you just because I disagree with what you stated.
        I actually started my Army stint at “Fort Ord” which was sort of interesting, one of the favorite memories was getting to “Jog to the range with full gear” (roughly 3 miles each way) only to get to turn around & do the same back due to “Whales in the area” (at least that’s what they told us at the time), this happened more that once. 🙂
        I didn’t want to even go into that border thing, because that is also irrelevant to the SB stabbings…
        Just say’n…

  1. Yeah, because “Jesse Andrew” and “Matthew” are such common Latino names…..

    Sorry to burst your immigrant hate bubble, but would you mind providing some evidence showing that undocumented immigrants are causing the “rise” in crime?

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