Traffic Collision De La Vina at Samarkand Dr.

By Tagdes

Traffic Collision De La Vina at Samarkand Dr.

SBPD and City Fire responding.


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  1. This was actually not Samarkand Dr. It was state Street near de la vina, crosswalk by dog park. A woman who was taking care of a dog got hit in the crosswalk. The dogs leash got stuck on license plate and pulled off the plate. The driver drove off and then got into another accident. The pedestrian hit was taken to the hospital and some nice people took the doggie to the vet. And they called the dogs owner. Apparently the driver was drunk. The crosswalk is very big, had 3 huge signs that light up …driver was speeding and reckless.

    • The crosswalk at Samarkand and De La Vina has pedestrian-activated flashing yellow lights. The smaller, nearby and much MUCH shorter crosswalk right at the top of De La Vina and State has NO lights.—————————————–
      That shorter crosswalk, which connects a corner curb to a small island at the top of De La Vina is definitely a menace for pedestrians and drivers alike. Even when you’re familiar with that righthand turn from State onto De La Vina, seeing a pedestrian step into that crosswalk can be startling. I always make that turn cautiously and reduce speed, tapping my brakes, if I see anyone walking toward that crosswalk or about to step into it. I always make that righthand turn cautiously, and have had to come to a screeching halt, due to some pedestrian or other having no sense of safety or survival. Sometimes they just step right on out there, seemingly unaware of vehicles bearing down upon them. The biggest worry, apart from striking the pedestrian(s) in that crosswalk, is that some driver will come flying up from behind and rear-end you as you sit there waiting for the pedestrian(s) to cross. Anyone who drives that way knows exactly what I mean. What surprises me is not that a pedestrian was hit there. I’m truly surprised it doesn’t happen more often. Will walker and dog be okay? I sure hope so. Any update?

    • A-1688570655 JUL 05, 2023 08:24 AM —— Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate it. Yes. I agree that the Calle Palo Colorado crosswalk is extremely dangerous. As BICYCLIST stated and I’m pretty sure we’ve all witnessed at various pedestrian-activated yellow flashing light crosswalks —– pedestrians are taking a big risk relying on flashing lights, hoping that all drivers will be paying attention and not racing around stopped vehicles. Every time I come to a stop at any crosswalk, to wait for a pedestrian to cross safely, I’m checking my rearview and side mirrors and hoping other drivers coming up behind me are paying attention and not being jerks about allowing the pedestrian his/her right of way. For my money, those flashing lights serve to give many pedestrians a false sense of security. Crosswalks —- flashing lights or not —- are, unfortunately, taken as a challenge by some drivers who choose, disdainfully, to blast on through, pedestrians be damned.

  2. I walk frequently in that area and can attest that both yellow-light crosswalks under discussion as well as the short jump to the island at the corner of Mackenzie Park are hazardous and require a pedestrian to use the utmost caution. I was recently in Ashland, OR, and was astounded to see that without exception the drivers stop as soon as they see a pedestrian about to cross the road at an intersection. Such a pleasure for a pedestrian.

  3. And the one Geo reported from Carrillo X San Pascual.
    It’s on drivers. After being a pedestrian and bus rider for 5 or 6 straight years, I’m still a very careful driver who looks out for peds! I live in the upper State neighborhood and shop regularly at TJ’s and have not seen problems w/the Calle Palo Colorado crossing, but I guess I don’t get out too much.

    • Yes, per a reputable news source: “Author … and answer the last comment from the bottom of yesterdays vehicle vs ped thread and let them know the drunk driver got caught? …”
      sorry I was so slow to make this known… my original question to this, was more along the lines of what was the BAC? From the sounds of this incident there was a large amount of conflicting scanner traffic.

  4. Hope this fits “Perfect example”:,-119.7307984,3a,15.3y,225.73h,80.64t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sIFwLVM9hGxDkgJlSIzoLSg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu
    Showing your Gmaps driver going thru the crosswalk (w/ped in said crosswalk) if you continue the forward progress you’ll notice he/she doesn’t YIELD to the ped! (Dec 2022)
    I’ve personally watched as someone attempted to cross there (Lights flashing etc) to have most of the traffic stop, yet some MORON go around the stopped traffic & just miss the individual. BTW, if you notice some crazy cyclist weaving & arms flailing there, that would be me attempting to get YOU to pay attention to the FLASHING crosswalk lights…

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