Three Arrests in Eastside Double Homicide

Santa Barbara Police Detectives making arrests in April 2021 of suspects involved with the January 2021 double homicide on Santa Barbara's Eastside (Photo: Santa Barbara Police Department)

Update by the Santa Barbara Police Department

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with the January 3, 2021 homicide of victims Angel Castillo and Omar Montiel-Hernandez.

On April 8, 2021, at about 8:30am, members of the Santa Barbara Police Department (SBPD) and Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office (SBSO) arrested 3 suspects for the homicides of Angel Castillo and Omar Montiel-Hernandez.

Angel Eduardo Varela (DOB 1-3-95), Oscar Martin Trujillo-Gutierrez (DOB 11-20-95), and Emilio Perez (DOB 3-11-2003), all Carpinteria residents, were arrested on warrants for 187 PC Murder, 190.2 (a) (3) Special Circumstances of committing more than one murder, 190 (a) (22) PC Special circumstances: murder committed by an active participant in a gang to further the activities of the gang, 12022.53 (e) (1) PC Special allegation: use of a gun in association with a criminal street gang, 186.22 (b) (1) PC Special allegation: felony committed in association with a criminal street gang, and 664/187 PC attempt murder with premeditation and deliberation.

SBPD and SBSO SWAT teams served warrants related to the investigation at two locations in the 1000 block of Cramer Road in Carpinteria and a residence under construction in the 2300 block of Golden Gate Ave in Summerland.  

Varela, Trujillo-Gutierrez and Perez will be booked at Santa Barbara County Jail where they will be held without bail. This investigation is ongoing and there is no more information available at this time. 

Santa Barbara Police Chief Bernard Melekian stated, “the arrests today represent the culmination of weeks of planning and investigative work. While we recognize that nothing we have done here can bring back the lives that were lost, detectives never stopped working on this case, and hopefully prevented future acts of retaliation which, lead in turn, to more tragedy. As a society we must continue to work with the young people in our community to ensure that no more lives are lost.”

The Santa Barbara Police Department continues to communicate with the family of the victims and express condolences for their loss. The family and friends stated how they remembered their loved ones:

Angel Castillo loved his family, especially his little brother.  He dreamed one day of owning his own autobody shop. His loss has had a big impact on everyone that knew him.

Angel Castillo (courtesy photo)

Omar Montiel-Hernandez was a great brother and always looked out for his younger siblings. When Omar turned 18, he told his mother it was his turn to start taking care of her. Omar would often tell his mother, “La vida es tan bonita (Life is beautiful).”

Omar Montiel-Hernandez (courtesy photo)


Sheriff’s Office Ordered Shelter in Place for Carpinteria Community

By edhat staff

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office issued a shelter-in-place order for a Carpinteria community on Thursday morning.

Around 8:45 a.m. Sheriff Public Information Officer Raquel Zick issued a statement asking residents in the immediate area of Carpinteria Ave and Cramer Road to shelter-in-place due to law enforcement activity. 

Residents were advised to stay inside unless told to leave by law enforcement personnel.

The shelter in place was lifted just before 10:00 a.m. and residents were free to resume normal activities.

It’s currently unclear what type of law enforcement activity was taking place but Zick stated information will be released soon.

This is a developing story.

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