Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting title=
Photo: John Palminteri / KEYT News
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Update by edhat staff
4:00 p.m., January 4, 2020

There have been two deaths and two hospitalizations in Sunday evening's shooting on Santa Barbara's eastside.

All victims are reportedly young males. One of the deceased victims has been identified as 18-year-old Omar Hernandez and the other is a minor.

The two other victims were transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital to treat their injuries, one with a wound to their arm and the other with a wound to their foot, according to scanner traffic.

Santa Barbara Police responded to the 1200 block of Liberty Street near S. Soledad Street around 5:50 p.m. after a report of shots fired. 

It's reported that one suspect approached the victims on foot near Cañada and Liberty Streets and opened fire as police are investigating this as a gang incident, according to KEYT News.

It's currently unclear how many victims in total there were. 

No arrests have been made in this incident.

This is a developing story.


Update by edhat staff
6:30 p.m., January 3, 2020

Santa Barbara Police are investigating a shooting on the eastside with multiple victims reported.

Police responded to the 1200 block of Liberty Street near S. Soledad Street around 5:50 p.m. 

Scanner traffic reports there are four victims, two that are unresponsive and two others that are wounded. Suspects were seen running from the scene and have yet to be apprehended. 

This is a developing story.

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy
5:50 p.m., January 3, 2020

Shots fired. There are subjects seen running from the scene. SB Police are responding code 3 (lights and sirens). There's a possible victim in the 1200 Block of Liberty.

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Roger Jan 15, 2021 09:20 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

I heard by eyewitnesses that tonight there was a huge fight at the viewing for one of the victims of this shooting. I was doing other things so I did not hear it this was in the 2000 Block of Chapala....

SBSand Jan 06, 2021 11:22 AM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

There was a stabbing a few days before on the Westside, where a teenager was seriously injured and the details were that 4 people in this age range had attacked him. Eastside and Westside have had territorial issues since FOREVER, my mom told me some stories about the gang fights and killings that happened when she was a teen in the 60s. The attackers from the stabbing weren't caught but that just means that the ones attacked didn't say who did it, not to the police anyways... it just seems to fit so neatly with this retaliatory attack. Will it continue? Will the gangs that these boys belong to seek revenge? That's the cycle right?

It is hard to feel anything but upset with them for bringing this type of violence to the streets where so many innocent and hard working people live, where children play and could get struck by a stray bullet into meant for them, where kids are dying. And for what? I'll never understand. I am sad for their families that lost them, absolutely, but where are they before hand, what are they doing to keep their kids OUT of gangs and to prevent them coming to this type of harm, and to prevent others from being harmed by their gang member children?

simplyhuyen Jan 05, 2021 03:25 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

For anyone interested in learning and/or helping from a the lens of humanity -- a family friend is organizing a Go Fund Me for Angel's funeral costs. He was the 17 year old who lost his life too soon in this local tragedy. It saddens me to read this thread as a first generation Asian American who has overcome poverty and bore witness to systemic injustices in our inner cities, both personally and professionally. Who understands there are stories and real people behind these statistics; many who are often carrying generational trauma and history most of us can't wrap our heads around or choose turn a blind eye to. The generalizations, politicization, stereotyping, petty arguing - the dry, inhumanness of it compelled me to post this. Wishing you all deeper understanding and empathy.

Words from the organizer: My name is Amy "Drea" Martinez and I am currently a Doctoral Candidate and professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City and a community organizer/activist in Santa Barbara, California.

It is with deep regret that one of my close friends and former mentee, Richard Castillo and his family lost a son, brother, and nephew, then seventeen year old Angel Castillo in a fatal shooting January 3, 2021 around 5:00 p.m on the lower Eastside of Santa Barbara, California.

When dealing with such unexpected and senseless loss, the last thing a mother--family members-- want to think about is how to pay for a funeral. The cost of funeral services increases each year, and many families struggle to pay for a service to honor the life of their loved one. Given that we are still amidst a global pandemic that has exacerbated the financial stability of thousands across the country, finding assistance that covers the entire cost of funeral expenses has added a new layer of challenge, especially for Angel's family. Thus, I am reaching out to all friends, family, extended family, and community for financial support in helping me fundraise on behalf of the Castillo family. All proceeds will go towards covering Angel's funeral expenses.

Donations can be sent to Amy Martinez's Venmo account: @RestEasyAngel

Thank you so much for helping us send him off in the way he deserves.

In great gratitude,

Amy A. Martinez, M.A.
Doctoral Candidate, Criminal Justice
John Jay College of Criminal Justice/City University of New York

LoveMySB Jan 05, 2021 09:52 AM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Where is our worthless District 1 councilmember who professes to love the eastside where she grew up? I have never seen our new District 1 rep anywhere in the community since she was elected by only 7 votes. Maybe we should have had a recount on that election.
We had a District 1 councilmember who was not raised on the eastside but cared about it more than as if he was raised here & yet he got voted out. When he was running for office he came to my front door & did not ask for my vote but asked if I had any concerns or problems that I wanted to talk about. I told him I had a list as long as my arm. He took notes and within weeks before he was elected, starting working on the things I had concerns about. It has changed my eastside neighborhood for the better and I will always be grateful to him. He worked hard for this city & when the council was spending tax payer monies that were wasteful and he spoke up about it, our mayor & her cronies shut him down. Wish he could be our next mayor.

Roger Jan 05, 2021 01:46 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Jason ran Democrat but the local Democrats would not support him..All the political parties like secret clubs, If they don't like you they won't support you that is who to vote for.

PitMix Jan 05, 2021 01:11 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Urge Jason to run for Mayor. An ex-Republican should do really well. Dems will hate that he used to be a Republican, and Republicans will hate that that he changed his affiliation.

Roger Jan 05, 2021 12:44 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Jason was the best I miss him trusted him right off came to my door too..NO ONE COMES TO MY DOOR..Process server came to my door the other day pounding and yelling my name till I opened the door his voice changed then....Cops come by once in a while.

a-1609877857 Jan 05, 2021 12:17 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Agree, LOVEMYSB. It's a tragedy that for his re-election he was too confident. He was an outstanding district representative and councilmember for the whole city. I don't remember his saying once, "I'm new here," something that A. Gutierrez says frequently, as though that's an excuse. (All it really says is that she hasn't done her homework for whatever is the issue before the council.)

bosco Jan 05, 2021 11:36 AM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

I got to give it up to Jason Dominguez as well. He came to my door and listened. Seemed to really understand the problems facing the neighborhood (homelessness, crime, etc.). Did he solve all the problems? No. That's impossible. But he understood them and he wasn't afraid to speak up at city council meetings on the issues. Reality is he is bigger than than a simple District 1 council member. Would love to see him run for mayor. Ms. Gutierrez? Haven't seen her do anything quite yet other than put out COVID signs in Spanish and get in line behind Murrillo. She definitely hasn't been visible in my part of the community.

PitMix Jan 05, 2021 10:20 AM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Yes, Alejandra should wave her magic wand and make these problems go away. I'm sure Jason would do that if he hadn't lost 2 elections last year. He is not planning to run for mayor either, from what I hear. I actually hear quite a bit from Ms. Gutierrez so maybe you are hiding in your Jason bubble?

PitMix Jan 04, 2021 01:01 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

People act like crime is a new thing. Societies have always had crime. In our country this condition is exacerbated by the ready availability of weapons of mass destruction. Let me know where the utopia is that doesn't have crime and I'll move there.

sacjon Jan 04, 2021 05:08 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

COASTWATCH - haha nope. There are many other acts of violence and crime carried out by gangs that are not drug related. Yeah, obviously drugs are a huge income generator for gangs, but 1) that's not the only crime gangs are involved in and 2) there are plenty of dealers who have no gang involvement. Have you ever purchased illegal drugs? Where are all the hippy gangs at the Phish shows selling shrooms and weed? Dude.... you're so out of touch it's embarassing.

SBTownie Jan 04, 2021 04:57 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Oh, Jon. You're a delight. Here you go. It's from 2020. The article begins: "Alarmed that unlicensed cannabis sellers continue to dominate California’s pot market, state lawmakers are moving toward imposing steep new fines on businesses that provide building space, advertising platforms and other aid to illicit operations... Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) said she introduced the bill out of concern that as much as 80% of the cannabis sold in California comes from the illicit market, despite voters approving legal and licensed sales that began in 2018."

CoastWatch Jan 04, 2021 04:51 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

@SACJON- No YOU'RE wrong.... It is about drugs- There are 1000's of locals on meth and crack, not just pot... The gangs USED to be about "honor" and all the other territorial B.S, but now it's a money operation based on DRUGS... Where do you think all the crack heads get their supplies...? Clue in.

SBTownie Jan 04, 2021 03:55 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

I wasn't aware EdHat allowed posting links but here is one from the New York Times: Like I said, you can google it. It's a well-known phenomenon and has multiple causes. I recently listened to a podcast with Mariana Van Zeller - the journalist behind NatGeo series "Trafficked" - and she also spoke in depth about the problem.

SBTownie Jan 04, 2021 03:20 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

SacJon, I agree with you gang violence is about more than drugs. The illegal marijuana trade has in fact not gone away since legalization, it has grown. There is a ton of data on this and endless news stories from reliable and non-partisan outlets. Google it.

doulie Jan 04, 2021 01:43 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

I don't believe a participant in a shooting incident should be identified as a "victim?"

With this comment in mind, were there multiple victims or multiple participants that were shot?

sacjon Jan 04, 2021 01:32 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

COASTWATCH - Nope, you're absolutely wrong. Gang violence is due to much more than the sale of drugs. Where have you been? Here's a few criminal activities of gangs - territorial disputes, initiation rituals (beatings and attacking innocent civilians), acts of defending "honor" or revenge, burglaries/robberies, etc etc etc.....

Further, there is NOT "tons" of money to be made selling pot. How many pot-filled pangas have you read about since we legalized it? Maybe 1 or 2 at best. Nope, drugs are not the "one thing and one thing only" causing violence in gangs.

CoastWatch Jan 04, 2021 01:20 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

@PIT- The crime caused by gangs is negligible- It is due to one thing and one thing only- THE SALE OF DRUGS... There is tons of money to be made selling pot, crack, meth-whatever...The gangs are the distributors of said products and fight for control of areas and supply. So yeah, just another harmless personal use drugs cause this crap to continue- even after pot has been legalized...

Randomuser Jan 04, 2021 09:47 AM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

This has been an on going thing for months now. Multiple threads on edhat talking about the crime taking place. It's a shame this becomes something political other than preventing crime from occurring. From what I see the police have no interest in protecting the citizens of the east side. Open drug use and drug sales are occurring. Multiple overdoses happening without any type of change or progress. The gang activity has only increased during covid. It's a sad state of affairs in town our officials have abandoned a large section of the cities community. There is street racing taking place daily on Salinas, old coast highway, Canada this entire area. These are 25mph zones the cops can easily prevent this behavior with having an office drive around occasionally. Instead they chose to have bike cops write tickets for not coming to complete stop at the corner. This is a start but this is a drop in the ocean of what should be occuring. I have called the cops to report all of these issues and even wrote a lengthy email to edhat which was refused because it contained opinions. These are facts, The east side might not always have been perfect but it is increasingly unsafe and lack of police presence is allowing criminal activity to grow.

a-1609817849 Jan 04, 2021 07:37 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Jackie Inda said essentially the same things as you are saying, in Nick Welsh’s article about this tragedy. Be sure to read it. IMHO, community policing works. Maybe offer police officers affordable housing in the neighborhood so they get to know the youth and vice versa.

Basicinfo805 Jan 04, 2021 05:12 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Rando - the city (mayor) is allowing all the same stuff you're describing ALL OVER Santa Barbara! It's not some east side conspiracy. Take a look at state st. I think you're assuming the local politicians are just 'letting things go on the poorer areas' right? I don't think so.

a-1609804846 Jan 04, 2021 04:00 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

From what I see on nightly walks, there IS police presence, police cars driving by are frequent, at least in the Milpas area. What there is not, is a presence of politicians. The present councilmember came in saying she was going to hold district/neighborhood meetings. We haven't heard of any. The prior councilmember also said he was going to hold neighborhood meetings. (If there are to be such meetings, the best way to post, besides flyers on telephone poles, is by an announcement in edhat. Also: Flyers on car windshields got a lot of residents to the discussion on a house on Alisos and the Salvation ARmy.)

Now that the election is over there hasn't been any of that. But there remains police driving around the area at night. It's a geographically big district; all streets can't be covered at the time something might happen. This is now the second murder incident in several months - the other was in the same general area, Cacique/Voluntario. Councilmembers are paid for a full time job but that's not how they treat it.

CoastWatch Jan 04, 2021 10:19 AM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

@RANDO- The issue isn't as simple as Police presence and follow through... The bottom line is the DA won't prosecute the infractions and crimes you're listing. I agree that they are all valid concerns and laws broken should be prosecuted, but that is where our "laws" fall short- There is little to no consequences for any crime that does not involve bodily harm anymore. The cops hands are tied and those that are doing the law-breaking know it...

Roger Jan 04, 2021 08:20 AM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

The shooting was on Liberty street. Many years ago a buddy and I were going to the Friday night dance at the Alano club he picked me up on Chiquita road where I lived. We all had Scanners and carried them 10 channel Radio Shack handheld. We were at Milpas and De La Guerra when we heard a shots fired call on Liberty street same block. We hauled butt over there in his Nissan picked like two Idiot peas in a pod and there we saw a guy laid out on a car who had been shot a few times he was dead...We got the Hell outta there but got pulled over acouple blocks away the police officer never got out of his car he drove away. We were lucky the shooter turned himself in..It's never smart to show up on a crime scene.

NostraChumash Jan 04, 2021 08:03 AM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Hutash is not the neighborhood, it's the street name, but I see how you tried to interject your rascism into the comment.
You make edhat look bad.

a-1609777068 Jan 04, 2021 08:17 AM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Uhhhh, change it to “Liberty Street neighborhood”.... despite the presence of the Flamingo immobile home park, it is not a comfortable neighborhood to walk at night. Not racist to point that out: it's dangerous for all ethnicities. Where is the district 1 representative on this? She often speaks of “my people”, some of whom clearly need help.

winter Jan 03, 2021 09:50 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

I think this is a big enough story, to have a live news crew there.
If it was UCSB, Montecito, it would be a big deal.
Possibly gang types...keep it quiet..just saying.

tagdes Jan 03, 2021 07:28 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Truck 71 now frequently responds for another engine. As Andrew it's more of a secondary engine for manpower allowing the extra engine to not take other area engines out of service.

CoastWatch Jan 03, 2021 08:26 PM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

@ TAGDES- The Truck is often used for crime scenes to photograph the scene using the aerial ladder which is 110', lighting and generator power for the PD. The department also has a air/lighting unit (HazMat) that can stay on the scene for lighting as well

JB86 Jan 05, 2021 12:44 AM
Two Dead and Two More Injured in Eastside Shooting

Doulie: You made one of the more intelligent comments here. The dysfunctional family is the most important element, and I don't have a clue how any public agency can repair that. Some of these families have been in the gang life for generations, in both Santa Barbara and Goleta. They don't value education, don't provide any moral instruction and set an example that says 'make money any way you can.' Talk to any experienced cop; they know these folks and have for decades. The crimes change, the weapons change, but the culture doesn't.


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