Third Anniversary Ceremony of 1/9 Debris Flow on Saturday

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1/9 anniversary ceremony set for Montecito, Saturday, January 9, 2021 – 6:30 PM A Evening of Remembrance, Solidarity and Hope.

As the community approaches the third anniversary of the 1/9 Debris Flow, and in consideration of the current pandemic stay-at-home order, a team of community partners is hosting a commemorative live-stream ceremony on January 9th, 2021.

The Program

The event begins at 6:30 PM with an invocation from Montecito Fire Chief Kevin Taylor. Firefighters will then light 23 candles in honor of the 23 victims of the Debris Flow followed by a moment of silence. Local churches and schools will then ring 23 bells and a searchlight will be lit at Montecito Union School as a symbol of community support and solidarity for the victims and survivors alike.

Key event details

To register for this zoom event click here:

This event can also be viewed on Facebook Live here:

A recording of the event will be available on January 12th and a link will be posted on the Raising Our Light web page:

Event organizers encourage attendees to RSVP at the Facebook event here: https://

For more information, go to the event website or call the Montecito Association at (805) 636-0475.

Raising Our Light 2021 Event Sponsors

Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade
Montecito Association
Montecito Community Foundation

Raising Our Light Community Partnership Team:
Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade

Montecito Association
Montecito Community Foundation
Montecito Fire Protection District
Montecito Journal
Montecito Library
Montecito Trails Foundation
Montecito Union School District
Santa Barbara County Behavioral Wellness
Cold Spring School District Crane Country Day School
Our Lady of Mt Carmel
Community Wellness Team
Montecito Covenant Church
El Montecito Church
SB Sheriff’s Office
1st District Office of Supervisor Williams Westmont College

Emotional Support and Mental Wellness:

It is a normal experience for the anniversary of a disaster to bring forward feelings of fear, anxiety, and sadness. Very similar feelings to what was experienced on the day of the event. Certain smells and sounds serve as triggers. Not only is it normal to have feelings arise surrounding the 1/9 anniversary, but this year will be especially challenging given the COVID stay at home orders. We are not able to gather together in person as we normally would, but this should not stop us from supporting each other. We can gather by phone, zoom and most definitely, know that we are all sharing the feelings and memories of this day, together.

Tips for coping include:

Be gentle with yourself. Show yourself the same kindness and patience you’d give to others during this time. Allow yourself to feel angry or sad and recognize that these emotions are natural.
Participate in activities that you enjoy. This may be different for everyone, but do the things YOU enjoy. COVID has changed many of our holiday traditions, but there are many it has not. As an example, take a drive and take a good close look at the beautiful holiday lights so many have taken the time to decorate their homes with.

Talk about your memories. Share stories, memories, feelings with others.
Accept kindness and help from others. Support from family and friends is critical to healing. Many may feel that they are a burden to others this time of the year, or they don’t want to appear weak. I encourage you to allow people in your life to show their care and concern.
Help others. For many people, volunteering is a healthy way to heal. Participating in a purposeful/meaningful activity. Activities can be as simple as delivery food or a meal, donating clothing, or reaching out to another with a warm phone call.

Reach out to others and stay connected. Reach out and connect with others. And if you feel that you need additional help beyond that of friend or family, reach out to a mental health professional.
Nobody should feel alone. We have each tremendous support through each other.

Need to talk to someone?

In addition, the Community Wellness Team which was formed to provide support to the community following the Thomas Fire and 1/9 Debris Flow remains very active and is here for our community. The Community Wellness Team can be reached by calling 805-364-2750.




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