The Power of the Arts

By David Powdrell, Board Chair of Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center

The power of the arts hit me like a lead balloon in the midst of having a stroke. 

The left hemisphere of my brain was shutting down as blood from a ruptured aneurysm flowed.  The right hemisphere of my brain, however, where art and color and music flourish, came alive in powerful, exciting and beautiful ways.  What an amazing gift I was given.  I am forever grateful for that darn stroke.    

I’ve since studied and discovered that there is incredible power in the arts, particularly for children.  The arts challenge us to see things from a different perspective.  Magic happens when we color outside the lines.  We can take safe risks with art.  Time seems to stand still when engrossed in the arts.  The arts encourage open dialogue and it’s never too old to see where the arts can take you.  

Brave art, revolutionary art, can change the world.  

Last week, we opened the wildly exciting Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center where children, adults and seniors can study all the arts; poetry, dance, painting, ceramics, photography, storytelling, film and so much more.  

The community support for the arts in Carpinteria has absolutely knocked our socks off.  The contractors stepped up by donating most of their time and materials in what became a modern-day barn-raising.  It’s an absolutely exciting story to share.

We hope you’ll consider visiting our new facility, consider being a member, a volunteer, a donor or simply take a class or workshop.

The arts are vibrant and alive in Carpinteria.  Our vision is to among the premier small-town arts centers in America and we’re well on our way.  Hang on tight; we have some incredible events and programs coming!  

Thank you for supporting the arts!

David Powdrell

Written by David Powdrell

David Powdrell is a Carpinteria resident, photographer, and C.P.A. He often shares his photos and musings with edhat readers. See more of his photos at

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