The Brill Family Grant Makes Its First Awards

Source: Brill Family Grant

The Brill Family Grant is pleased to announce the recipients of their 2021 awards in support of local programs which bend their field. 

Investing in innovative and creative people who are poised to bend their field through fresh and unique ideas toward achieving positive transformative change.

Girls Rock SB has received a $20,000 matching grant, which has already been matched, to continue their Syryn Records program, a completely youth-run record label that operates as an internship program for exceptional teens (ages 13–18). This program would not be possible for the upcoming year without this Brill Family Grant.

Corazón del Pueblo was awarded a $10,000 grant and was quickly able to obtain matching funds to build the programmatic and development capacity for The Cultural and Creative Arts Center of the Santa Maria Valley to be a vibrant presence in the local community in conjunction with the support of local government and businesses.

A $5,000 Affirmation Award was presented to White Buffalo Land Trust in acknowledgment of their outstanding work in bending the field of regenerative agriculture.

About The Brill Family Grant

Over the past few years, we have been working here in Santa Barbara exploring ways to facilitate significant social and environmental impact through transformative change. Currently we are identifying exceptional individuals who are developing programs that are locally-based in the greater Santa Barbara area or Central Coast and in need of financial support to reach the next level of their proven professional development or impact in their field. 

Because financial needs are so great due to the recent pandemic, we expect certain fields may be ignored; so, our initial grants will focus specifically on the fields of the environment and the broader arts. Our priority is in amplifying someone’s recognized potential to bend their field.  Applications for our 2022 grants will open in October of 2021.

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