The Boys are Back! See Bangori and Nzinga

The Boys are Back! See Bangori and Nzinga (Courtesy)

If you missed this face (Nzinga’s), you’ll be thrilled to know that Western lowland gorillas Bangori and Nzinga returned to their newly remodeled habitat yesterday and can now be seen by Zoo guests from the upper viewing area and the field station.

While the gorilla habitat was getting new plumbing, new rockwork, a new stream/pool system, and new climbing structures (like large tree limbs), the gorillas were behind the scenes spending extra time with their keepers and experiencing an extensive enrichment plan.

For example, keepers offered behavioral enrichment activities such as water play, hay for building large and cozy nests, puzzle problem-solving to encourage the use of tools, and special visits from animal guests like Honeybun the rabbit and some of the Zoo’s juvenile desert tortoises.

The cave viewing area is still undergoing remodeling and is currently closed but is expected to open in the next several weeks. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the “boys” in their newly enhanced home!

Thank you to sponsors Jack & Sheri Overall and Tiger Trust (in memory of Katy Allen) who made the gorilla habitat renovation possible.


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  1. I know these gorillas are loved by their keepers and have great veterinary care. But you can see the sadness in their eyes. They know they don’t belong in a jail cell. The cages underneath the exhibit are awful no matter how many “ enrichment “ activities are provided.

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