Tense Hours Long Stand Off Ends With Safe Return of 10-Week-Old Infant

(Photo: John Palminteri / KEYT)

Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

On the evening of January 10, 2019, the Santa Barbara Police Department responded to an apartment complex in the 1200 block of Laguna Street for a report of a 911 hang-up call where a possible domestic disturbance was occurring.

Officers attempted to conduct a welfare check with a male subject inside the residence who refused to open the door. The suspect, now identified as Maxwell Tracy, age 29, made verbal threats to officers about having a gun and shooting them should they attempt to enter the home.

Intelligence gathered at the scene informed officers the suspect had his 10-week-old infant in the home with him. Tracy was intoxicated, uncooperative, erratic and very agitated.

A perimeter around the residence was set up and portions of the surrounding neighborhood were evacuated. On-scene supervisors activated a SWAT and CNRT (crisis negotiations response team) call out to the location. 

With the combined efforts of Patrol, SWAT, CNRT, Tactical Dispatchers, Detectives and Command Staff personnel, Tracy was talked out of the home and surrendered without incident around 1:50 A.M. The infant was examined by AMR at the scene and found to be unharmed.

Tracy was arrested and booked in County Jail for felony threats toward a police officer, criminal threats, and child endangerment.


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  1. “alleged” and “possible” i mean the sbpd better have some good cause to roll up on this place after a hang up. he’s there with the kid, the wife is away so where exactly is this ‘disturbance’? i’d be agitated too if SWAT rolled up to my house for no apparent reason. The criminal threats wouldn’t have happened is the PD hadn’t showed up. Case will be dropped. Way to go SBPD. Love the buzz words: intoxicated, erratic, uncooperative.

  2. I know this fella- good man, totally out of character for him. Perhaps 8284 has a point, escalation was due to an over-reaction on the part of the police. For whatever reasons, it’s a tragic episode in an otherwise harmonious life.

  3. 329 & TEE GEE– Don’t be so reactionary. The police did what they always should do with a 911 hang-up call for possible domestic disturbance, they investigated. Welfare checks don’t “roll up” with the SWAT team. SWAT was called after Tracy wouldn’t open the door and telling the police he had a gun and would shoot them. I think SWAT is what you should expect when you say that. Tracy maybe a “fella-good man” but he made some bad choices.

  4. I had the SWAT team raid my place once when I and my guests were drunk and stoned out of our gords they were looking for the dope dealer next door. I offered em all a beer and weed they were nice…. If they said someone threatened them I believe the police over this guy..You gotta be a few cards less of a deck to threaten the police with all the crap going on in our country these days. A police officer got murdered in Davis last night..I don’t blame them one bit for rolling up with the Bearcat and SWAT too there is a child involved also. Someone said on another page this guy managed a sober house but he was intoxicated? Why is that obviously he’s a drunk who should not drink Alcoholics who get drunk usually do off the wall crap this guy is no different.

  5. Be “agitated” all you want, but be adult enough and wise enough not to threaten law enforcement officers. I mean, duh. Where was the Mother of this child? She left a 10-week-old baby with an alcoholic Dad? There’s a lot more to this story and none of it good. Poor, poor little baby.

  6. He may not be an alcoholic he might just be a violent asshole when he drinks his actions when intoxicated tell me he is a drunk. And yes I’m an expert play all the games you want …Invite him to stay with you the next time he goes on a bender.

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