SuperBowl Commercials?

By an edhat reader

Ok… so what did everyone think of the Super Bowl commercials this year? They weren’t as great or funny as they normally are in my opinion, but I did enjoy these two. (Go Rams!)


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  1. 4:08 – You must be so proud. It’s a 3 hour game starting at 330 with sunset 2hours later. No one had to miss out on anything that day in order to watch it. No need to disparage those who enjoy a championship game between amazing athletes who have worked their entire lives to get to this game. Some of us were able to spend the entire weekend outside with loved ones making memories and were still able to watch a couple hours of football Sunday evening without falling off our high horses…..

  2. The Olympics indeed are a showcase for the limits of human athletic skill and training. I very much appreciate watching them. Especially these Winter Olympics that feature superhuman feats of skiing and skating. And the gymnastics feats at the Summer Olympics.
    But football is very hard to justify. How can a sport be legal that has a very high probability of causing permanent brain damage? There is some skill and strategy involved. But the fact is most of what wins is a willingness to inflict harm on others and a willingness to sustain serious injury. I really do think it is child abuse that this is pushed on young people rather than offering healthier alternatives.
    Hope that answers your question SACJON. Meanwhile, I do appreciate the Superbowl ads when they are creative. What other creative endeavor in the US receives so much funding per second of performance?

  3. This Olympics has truly been a bummer… I’ll take the super bowl over this disaster any day of the week. We shouldn’t be there… we really should have skipped it. It would be a bummer for the athletes but (on a lot of levels) this was the year to skip it…

  4. 3:58 am – That IS a huge fault of mine!
    But seriously, all those who come here just to brag about how they don’t like football, do we comment on your articles and joke about how “lame” horses are or hiking or sunsets or anything? Why the need to come here to disparage those who enjoy a championship game played by incredibly talented humans? Sometimes, you have to put the whole “sports are dumb” mentality aside and consider the hard work these men and women endure over their life times to become the biggest, strongest, fastest athletes in their respective sports.
    Do you poo-poo the Olympics as well?

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