Street Sweeping to Resume February 16

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Source: City of Santa Barbra

Residential street sweeping and all associated parking enforcement will resume on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021.  The regular sweeping schedule will be followed. 

Residents are instructed to observe all posted parking restrictions. Remember that it is illegal to discharge/blow any waste onto a City street. Street Sweeping not only keeps our streets looking good, but also improves the air quality, and keeps trash and debris out of storm drains, creeks and the ocean. 

For more information about the street sweeping program, the routes, and the schedules, please visit us at


El barrido de calles residenciales y el control de estacionamiento asociado con el paso de la barredora mecánica se reiniciara el martes 16 de febrero de 2021. Se seguirá el horario de barrido regular. Se instruye a los residentes a observar todas las restricciones de estacionamiento publicadas. Recuerde que es ilegal descartar o soplar cualquier desperdicio sobre las calles municipales. El barrido de las calles no sólo mantiene nuestras calles en buen estado, sino que también mejora la calidad del aire y mantiene la basura y los escombros fuera de los desagües pluviales, los arroyos y el océano. Para obtener más información sobre el programa de barrido de calles, las rutas y los horarios, visítenos en

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SBSand Jan 29, 2021 04:59 PM
Street Sweeping to Resume February 16

Why did they stop doing it? This always confused me. Was it because people were working from home and had nowhere to move their cars to because the streets were packed with cars?

a-1611972471 Jan 29, 2021 06:07 PM
Street Sweeping to Resume February 16

Living on a narrow street with parking only on one side, with some houses very close to the street, the sweepers rarely use water and only seem to create a lot of dust.

NamasteYogi Jan 29, 2021 07:16 PM
Street Sweeping to Resume February 16

It’s illegal to blow anything into the street to keep our city streets looking good? Oh please honey, have you not driven around and seen the couches, furniture, broken tables, mattresses, baby chairs, strollers, cribs, etc.... the volume of trash and illegal dumping on the corners really looks way worse compared to leaves from the untrimmed city trees... which also come out so far in the street the street sweeper goes around them.

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