Stop Sign at Arrellaga/Chapala?

By an edhat reader

Another collision happened Friday night shortly after 8pm at Arrellaga/Chapala intersection. Luckily no injuries. I understand that signal lights are coming for that intersection (and are welcomed by me) but really, how hard is it to do/how little does it cost to stick one STOP sign in the ground at Arrellaga for the traffic coming up Chapala? One stop sign.

The regularity of accidents at that intersection is still worrying. Especially with the amount of pedestrian traffic at that intersection.


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  1. Just put one up yourself. Get a post hole digger, a post and a sign and you’ll be done in an hour! Just. know it will take the morons at the city weeks to even comprehend the possibility that there is a new sign. Who put it up? Where is the req? By then the stop sign will have identified as an “Urban Traveller” and will be considered a non-compliant preexisting houseless individual who is entitled to legal proceedings and a weekly check. Go even further and name the sign “Karen Stops” and it will take another year to sort out the correct pronoun to use on the city’s legal brief. Remember, the morons at the city have to follow the rules, we don’t. 🙂

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