Stearns Wharf Disturbance Results in Major Injury

By the edhat staff

A man sustained a major injury during some type of disturbance near Stearns Wharf early Saturday morning.

At 1:12 a.m., Santa Barbara City firefighters responded to the intersection of State Street and Cabrillo Blvd for a report of a man suffering a laceration to the face. 

The Santa Barbara Police Department is investigating the incident as a possible fight between two potentially homeless people, although the investigation is ongoing.

The victim was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for treatment.

This is a developing story.

Reported by an edhat reader

I heard there was some kind of fight or assault at Stearns Wharf early this morning. What’s up?

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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  1. Tourists have an equal right to protection. The South Coast averages 28,000 visitors a day, so it seems logical to raise police presence commensurately.
    Look at the numbers in the report below:
    13,000 people are employed in the tourism industry.
    $1000 tax benefit to every South Coast household
    Overnight visitors spend about $1 Billion
    Day visitors spend $579 Million
    1.38 Million “room nights” sold (probably does not count AirBnB)

  2. If “the [law enforcement] system is continuously and systematically targeting and killing innocent minorities and covering it up…” .
    If this is true systemically, continuously and systematically, then whoever is doing it is not very good at it at it.
    First of all, there are 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the USA
    So 800,000 systematic racist killers managed to only kill about 530 Black and Hispanics in 2022 while also killing 520 or so whites.
    In the 6 years between 2015 to 2021 these 800,000 officers who are systemically biased, racist and systematically hunting down black and brown people only managed to kill 135 unarmed black people, about 23 per year. So only 23 cops out of 800,000 per year killed an unarmed black person.
    Vast vast majority of the 800,000 go an entire career without drawing their firearm on an armed person but some do it 2-3 times in their career. Looks bad but this could be a case of a bad cop or it could be the law of odds at work and that one cop is simply wrong place, wrong time unlucky
    Shootings of unarmed black people are not OK. Shooting 23 unarmed black people is probably around 23 people too many, but to look at a population of 800,000 and attribute those 23 to systemic, systematic action is wrong. I will concede it is continuous in the sense that it averages out to 2 a month.
    I’d like to see us cut that in 1/2 and then 1/2 again and repeat. That involves training and some firings. We can’t afford to be sending the wrong men and women law enforcement officers into neighborhoods that have very high rates of gun violence. It takes a certain mentality to be able to handle that there are people around you who are armed and dangerous and not freak out.
    The US military holds its 18-24 year olds accountable to standards, and that is in a war scenario. If we expect 18-24 year old infantry to behave to standard, then we can certainly require/train 24-60 year old police to stay off the trigger a little longer

  3. I’m really tired of the dishonest language. Someone gets knifed in the face, and it’s a “disturbance.” Over on Noozhawk, there’s the story about about a “fight” … multiple stab woulds to the abdomen is properly called “attempted murder” … but we’ll go with “fight.”
    All is sunny in SB though…. no problems… that’s the one thing all our leaders seem to agree on.

    • JOJO – ” – they need to have best cops at strategic areas.” I’d like to think any cop, other than a rookie officer, can handle any assignment in any area. But, what I’d like to think isn’t always accurate. What criteria would you use to identify the “best cops?”

  4. Respectfully to my down-voter, can you let me know what you would defend about headlines that describe these stabbings as a “disturbance” and a “fight”?
    I’ll listen and not respond, I promise.
    I’d recommend Carlin’s 30 year old bit on “Soft Language.” Sanitized language is anti-helpful. Feels kinder in the moment, but actually does harm. You can’t solve problems unless reality is front of you… including and especially the parts you wish weren’t true.

    • This wasn’t from me, but you really need to research what you’re talking about as there is no dishonest wording here. There was an altercation, aka fight and PD had no idea whether it was was mutual combat or an initial aggressor and self-defense. With the Noozhawk one it was non-life threatening and certainly not attempted murder.

  5. Last year each time the cruise ships were in port I noticed two police cars and accompanying officers constantly hanging around where the cruise customers board shuttles to see the city. Seemed like overkill—I would have preferred they be patrolling my neighborhood. But perhaps they have a directive to be sure no “disturbances” afflict the cruise customers?

  6. So “social workers” were supposed to do better at 1:12am? I’m asking you, the “defund” the police supporters. What do you say?
    Personally, I think this incident chalks up to a bum, vagrant, drunk, rando SB late night fight, and I’d say that stuff’s ALAWAYS going to happen – in other words, don’t blame the police. They can’t be everywhere, all the time.

    • I remember a few years back when the Rabobank down the street from me in Buellton was robbed. The robber was hiding in different yards in our neighborhood. No warning was ever given us. I only heard about it later that evening when my friend called to see if I was okay because her neighbor spotted him hiding behind a shed in her yard earlier that evening and told her about it. He was found the next day hiding in a tree a few blocks away. Not a word about it was mentioned by any of the News Stations on TV or the Newspapers. Likely because it happened during the Film Festival.

    • AWARE – this crime was literally reported to the public. If there are drunk homeless people, there will be fights. It’s no different from any town in this country. Until we provide adequate care for the mentally ill and addicts, they will roam our streets and get wasted and fight. They have been brawling for decades. Nothing new, nothing hidden. What would you have the PD do? Arrest anyone for being homeless and intoxicated? How many holding cells do you think the local jail has? Not enough for that.

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