State Street Cartoon

By C.B.



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  1. I’d like the cartoonist to drawn one showing a female bicyclist causing two children to fall as they were walking across State Street to attend the Granada children’s concert Saturday afternoon. The grandmother should be shown picking up the children and pulling them back and yelling for someone to stop the bicyclist. Not fun for them or the families watching it unfold.

  2. Cartoon is spot on. The latest scuttlebutt on our late great City of SB: Macy’s and adjacent parking areas have been sold to condo developers. This came from a store manager in a struggling store in what is left of the La Cumbre shopping center stores. Can anyone confirm? The manager’s reason for the debacle there: greedy landlords and high rents.

  3. State Street was losing businesses- and had way too many empty storefronts before the promenade. When it was full of the “hustle and bustle “ of traffic and the people population pushed all together, concentrated on the sidewalks, it was less noticeable, and with the pandemic adding to the empty space numbers, it’s sad.
    The rents are crazy high on state, that’s why the mom and pop, and small businesses are unable to remain. A big problem is that these big corporations or wealthy land owners that have empty spaces get tax write offs, so they don’t seem to care if it stays empty. I have heard of other towns that had similar issues, start charging some sort of “empty/ vacancy tax” that charges the owners a tax/ fee for having an empty building, making it worth their while to get renters. And it apparently is working for them. Something has to be done.
    And mixed use is a great idea. When I was young I knew people who lived above the State Street shops and businesses downtown. Having residents there keep the area populated day and night and can help reduce crime by having eyes on the area ( their neighborhood) 24/7.

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